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5 ways to stay young in retirement

Sparky Hall, who is in his late 80s, recently wrote in the Times-News that baby boomers shouldn't feel old at all - in fact, they should feel lucky that they are still so young. ...

January 18, 2011

Jasmine Phu

Walking faster can lead to a longer life

New research has indicated that walking speed may be a reliable determinant when it comes to predicting life expectancy and the faster the speed, the healthier the adult....

January 5, 2011

Alan Wu

Health clubs and gyms adapting to the needs of boomers

Many baby boomers are physically active and plan to remain so during their golden years. Both health clubs and gyms have started to adapt to this trend by offering specialized services and o...

December 15, 2010

Alan Wu

Falls in elderly can be caused by low sodium

A study that assessed more than 5,200 Dutch adults over the age of 55 has determined that there may be a link to low sodium levels and falls. Additionally, researchers discovered that insuff...

December 10, 2010

Lisa Wurth

Study: Smoking cigarettes can double risk of Alzheimer’s disease

A new study that evaluated approximately 21,000 baby boomers has found that smoking can be responsible for a number of serious mental conditions in older age, including Alzheimer's and other...

December 9, 2010

Alan Wu

Boomers expected to create new fitness trends

As the iconic baby boomer generation retires, they are expected to bring with them an entirely new outlook to the golden years. One of these habits will be fitness, where they will swell the...

December 8, 2010

Alan Wu

A straight back, medical alert system can help keep seniors safe

It's never too late to stand up a little straighter and former sports star Martina Navratilova recently shared with AARP.com just how important proper posture can be during the golden years....

December 7, 2010

Bay Alarm Medical

Medical alert system can help Alzheimer’s patients with medications

Families will often suspect that a loved one has Alzheimer's disease before the actual diagnosis, due to signs of memory loss or changes in behavior, but the process of obtaining the diagnos...

December 2, 2010


Jane Fonda’s new workout for baby boomers

While Jane Fonda may be best known for her intense workouts, the 72-year-old fitness instructor has released her first work-out tape in 15 years and these new exercises target baby boomers w...

November 29, 2010

Alan Wu

Vitamin D, medical alert system can help with Alzheimer’s

A new study published in the International Journal of Neuroscience has revealed that vitamin D may be a source of protection against Alzheimer's....

November 22, 2010

Alan Wu

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