GreatCall Lively Mobile Cost & Features Compared to Bay Alarm Medical

With lower startup costs, lower monthly cost, plus greater reliability, see why customers prefer Bay Alarm Medical over Lively Mobile.

Product Comparison
Equipment Cost
Activation Fees
Caregiver Tracking
Automatic Fall Detection
Battery Life
Five Diamond Monitoring Center
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SOS Mobile w/ Fall Det.
Up to 6 days
Lively Mobile Basic
$9.99/mo extra
36 hours

Higher Reliability, Greater Peace of Mind

Medical alert systems give peace of mind to both the senior and their caregiver.  Your system should protect you 24/7, all year long, without you need to charge or test your medical alert.

Bay Alarm Medical’s SOS Mobile GPS features a built in two-way speaker, push-button for easy help, and up to 6 days of battery life. The SOS Mobile GPS w/ Fall Detection package includes full automatic fall detection capabilities built into the compact device. 24/7 USA-based emergency monitoring and full access to our Caregiver Tracking App.

Lively Mobile is based on cell phone technology. While this has many advantages, it means the system needs to be charged daily, just like a cell phone.  By itself, Lively Mobile has a maximum battery life of only 36 hours. Charging the system is up to the senior or their caregiver. Fall detection is an additional $9.99 per month. The Basic Package does include their own caregiver app connection. Keep in mind that Lively does not work with a Five Diamond Certified Monitoring Center. They also require an equipment and activation fee.

SOS Mobile GPS for On-the-Go Protection

Our SOS Mobile GPS runs off of 4G LTE. Each device already comes activated with either an AT&T or Verizon SIM card, depending on the best network coverage in your area. No phones needed for device activation! Smartphone required for Caregiver Tracking App access.

The SOS Mobile GPS includes a compact device, a lanyard to wear the device around your neck, a belt clip to wear the device on your hip or clipped to a bag, a charging cradle, Caregiver Tracking App access, and 24/7 USA-based monitoring

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We Speak Your Language

There’s a word for “help” in every language, and Bay Alarm Medical speaks most of them. Bay Alarm Medical has partnered with Language Line Services to provide non-English speaking seniors the same great protection that all of our clients already receive. We support over 170 languages, including Spanish, Russian and even Cherokee.

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