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At Bay Alarm Medical, customer service and reputation are of the utmost importance. People want to buy the best medical alert system for peace of mind, and our customers want to know that the company behind the product is top-rated.

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Anyone can post a few good medical alert reviews and testimonials to their website, but only unfiltered ratings from independent research agencies tell the real story.

The system delivered the fastest overall response times and the best portable help button range in our tests. That makes it our Editors’ Choice for in-home medical alert systems.

This is an updated review. I am moving out of the area and I needed to know if I can continue to use Bay Alarm Medical. And, also, I am contemplating not having a land line when I move, so I needed to know all the ramifications, etc. The lady who helped me was excellent. She listened to all my questions and answered them very well. Her explanations were detailed and by the time the call ended, I felt very comfortable that I knew what to expect when I move. She very much deserves a solid 5 star rating. Also, I want to commend Bay Alarm Medical on the excellent service they have given me the past several months. Everything worked as advertised. I was able to communicate with them even when outside of my house, etc. I usually test the system once a week and they are always very polite and concerned about how I’m doing and whether or not I’m OK. I plan on continuing with Bay Alarm Medical when I move, and I whole heartedly recommend Bay Alarm Medical to anyone who is in need of their service.

Our care rep went through everything from the symptoms my parents were experiencing to what they would be comfortable with and only recommended what we needed, not pushy at all. It’s refreshing to know that even though we were ready to pay for all the add-on costs for testing purposes, we were asked many times to make sure our parents would be comfortable using it.

2018 MedicalAlertBuyersGuide Editor’s Choice

We’re recommending Bay Alarm Medical Alert System because it satisfies many of our top criteria for medical alert system providers. Their staff is attentive, the pendent is waterproof, the in-home range is as good as it gets, it’s easy to install, and if that wasn’t enough they offer free monitoring for a second pendant purchase (for spouse or roommate).

We also like the fact that there are a number of positive Bay Alarm Medical Alert System Reviews available which gives us confidence in recommending them strongly.

Amie Clark
The Senior List

We like Bay Alarm Medical’s transparency because there’s no fine print, no hidden terms – you can give Bay Alarm Medical a try for 30 days, and if you or your loved one don’t like it, return it without issue.

Rated “Outstanding” by

After a thorough review of medical alerts, where our editors compared monthly costs, quality of hardware & customer service, we chose Bay Alarm Medical as the #1 top-rated company for seniors.


It started with the little things: Web ordering was painless, and its crisp website has video demonstrations, a weekly blog, and clear pricing and terms. When our unit arrived, it came with a pair of spiffy striped socks, and setting the equipment up was simple — just flip up its antennae and plug it in.

But where Bay Alarm really shines is the human element. When we talked to the monitoring representatives, there was a genuine warmth and calm — it was like calling your fourth-grade teacher. When we told them we were just testing the device, the rep always said some version of, “I’m glad to hear that everything is okay.”

Bay Alarm Medical makes choosing for their medical alert systems easy, as they have a complete and flexible solution for each type of user.

We found that their latest advanced GPS alert systems and fall detection outperform similar technologies. Furthermore, all systems are paired with Bay Alarm Medical’s stellar monitoring services and overall outstanding customer service.

Our findings and the rave feedback for this company from our users made it easy for us to select Bay Alarm Medical as the number one ranked medical alert provider.

Bay Alarm Medical provides you with everything you need to care for your loved one at a price that won’t break the bank. This family-owned business draws on six decades of experience to provide your family members with top-notch, reliable medical alert systems that provide immediate assistance in the case of an emergency.

For the elderly and those who live with disabilities, the thought of being alone and having a medical emergency weighs heavily on the mind. The Bay Alarm Medical Alert System offers peace of mind for such individuals. This medical alert system boasts a 1,000-foot range. It comes as a waterproof necklace or wristband. This medical alert system is easy to install and has a backup battery in case your power goes out.

Bay Alarm Medical is the ideal medical monitoring system because of the balance it strikes between good features and good value. It has everything you need to care for a loved one but doesn’t include unnecessary extras. The company has invested in the things that really count – easy installation, great equipment, fair payment terms and excellent customer care in practically any language at any time of the day or night.

Bay Alarm Medical can provide assistance to your loved on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at the touch of one button. That’s what all of the medical alert systems in our lineup do, but this company stands out by putting their customer first in so many ways – including no-hassle pricing, the best combination of hardware and fast, courteous service in 170 languages.

Using a vast array of expert and consumer ratings, reviews, and feedback collected from all around the web to that were later fed to our highly effective algorithm for calculating and comparing ReviewsBee quality scores, our unbiased algorithm found that Bay Alarm Medical systematically topped our list of medical alert systems!

Bay Alarm Medical products demonstrate unfaltering quality combined with surprisingly low prices to bring you top-of-the-line alert system suited even for the most whimsical need. The ease of installation of Bay Alarm’s richly varied products further adds to their attractiveness for senior clients. To top it all off, the company provides a distinctly humane customer service administered by genuinely caring and extremely patient respondents.

Our mother who is 87 years young is now living on her own. We wanted to make absolutely sure that she will be as safe as possible. We took meticulous effort in researching all of the options, technologies, and services available. After a complete comparative review process, it was clearly evident that Bay Alarm Medical offered the best overall package.

The hardware is user friendly, very easy to set up, and customer service has been superb. We first decided to opt for the 3 month payment arrangement to save some cost versus the month-to-month plan, but after this trial period we felt confident to sign up for the yearly plan in order to acquire the least expensive service. Bay Alarm Medical’s pricing was the least expensive, yet in no way has this compromised their service, which has been a very pleasant surprise.

We are very pleased and satisfied with the product, the pricing and the excellent customer service. Our confidence is such that we will not hesitate to recommend Bay Alarm Medical’s alert system to others.

Sam K.
Stockton, CA
via Trustpilot

When I was researching different companies for the life alert alarm system, Bay Alarm was the most informative and helpful. They answered all of my many questions and were very patient. My mom appears to be less stressed and more relaxed since she started wearing her bracelet.

Upon installing and setting up, the operator was very helpful and patient as I ran through the process and had my mom talk, etc. The lock box was easy to set up and hang and it was included with the purchase. Thank you Bay Alarm Medical.

Cheryl S.
Phoenix, AZ
via ConsumerAffairs

I did a great deal of research on medical alert systems before I decided on Bay Alarm Medical for my 93 year old father.

The terms were easy, the unit arrive quickly from CA to VA, and it was easy to install. My father was pleased with the system and it gave him (as well as his children) great peace of mind.

When daddy passed away in March, return of the system to Bay Alarm Medical was easy, and their customer service was both compassionate and efficient. There were no hidden fees, no surprises whatsoever.

Thank you for helping keep my father safe and secure. I would not hesitate to recommend Bay Alarm Medical!

JoAnn Highttower
Chester, VA
via Facebook

It’s an extremely reliable system and it provides peace of mind for everyone involved. The service is relatively inexpensive too, which is always a plus. The Bay Alarm Medical GPS system is extremely reliable, and the support staff is responsive. If you’re tracking a loved one or want to make sure someone is safe, this is the way to go. Everything works without a hitch, so I would have no issues placing trust – and the safety of a loved one – to this system.

Hands down, this is one of the best remote and GPS monitoring systems we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. It’s reliable, incredibly useful, and just works. The system works and is remarkably trustworthy, more so than some of the others we’ve tested and that’s saying something. Review Staff

This is not a fun or sexy gadget, but it is a very valuable one. I had no problems setting the system up, and the paperwork (contact form, contract, cancellation form) was all emailed in advance so I could have had it ready even before the system arrived. It is a good system – well-made and well-supported. As my mom pointed out, it cannot cover every contingency, but nothing ever can.
Mark Adkins

Bay Alarm Medical posts all of its pricing upfront, unlike Life Alert which requires you to call or send for a brochure. That type of transparency is always welcome in making a consumer decision. Bay Alarm Medical also said it didn’t do much advertising to keep its costs down.

Bay Alarm Medical won me over for several other reasons. The website featured videos on how to install the device and use it, a help to both myself and my father in understanding the product. It offered $1 off its monthly fee for USAA members, with options to pay monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually. The device could also be worn around the neck or, as my father preferred, on the wrist.

And probably most importantly, the third time I called the company (after I had signed my father up) the operator knew who my dad was before I told them, because his phone number had already identified him. I consider that good customer service, something that could prove lifesaving considering the product.

Bay Alarm Medical does not lock users into long-term contracts; customers pay a monthly fee, and can cancel the service at any time. Bay Alarm Medical offers service in 170 languages and provides live chat support, a rare bonus among medical alert companies.

Stephanie Pappa
Senior Writer

With a 1,000-foot (300 meters) range and 24/7 support in 170 languages, Bay Alarm Medical is one of the most reliable medical alert services on the market.

Michael Andronico

MySeniorSource has voted Bay Alarm Medical to be the overall Best Pick out of all medical alert devices we’ve reviewed.

You get a quality product at a lower price than any comparable competitor. You’ll also find that unlike many of their competitors, Bay Alarm Medical offers monitored fire, smoke, and CO2 detection. This is a very important feature to many customers and family members that want to make sure their loved one is safe at all times.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with a device such as this. We give it a 100% thumbs up!


Bay Alarm Medical is a business that provides medical alert systems nationwide. Their head company is Bay Alarm, which is an established name in the home security field. Bay Alarm Medical features top quality systems which are very east to set up as well as easy to use. Even among the technically-challenged, consumers do not have any difficulty configuring Bay Alarm Medical systems on their own.

The company’s friendly service appeals to clients. Apart from standard medical alarm solutions, they have an upgraded service which will connect with the residence’s carbon monoxide and fire sensors. Obtaining the Bay Alarm Medical Alert System needs no set-up costs or long term agreements. Bay Alarm Medical has one of the most sensible rates in relation to personal emergency response systems like these.

Anita Hilliard

The Bay Alarm Medical alert system combines the best aspects of simple, efficient monitoring with impressive performance and support.

Bay Alarm Medical’s pendent or wristband monitors are both conveniently small and have an operating range of 1000 feet. The units can even be worn outdoors as long as the wearer remains within the operating range of the system. Customer service has the capability to respond effectively in an incredible 170 different languages.

Installation is a breeze and a “no technician needed” is part of the sales message for this company. Plug the unobtrusive monitor into a phone line and electrical outlet is as hard as it gets to this reliable system in place.


Now there are lots of medical alert companies, they’ve been around for a while. They’ve all been very different, provided different quirks and gimmicks, and kinds of other stuff.

It seems like in recent years, some of the alarm companies, the folks that have been doing house alarms for year, thought that they should also be doing medical alerts. Lots of different ones have tried their hand at it, but Bay Alarm Medical sort of stood out to me.

Because I wrote a blog for Heritage Hall, I did some research on what was the best medical alert company. Yours came out on tops on so many different rankings.

Donna Gail
Heritage Hall | Senior Breakfast Club

Thank you for the opportunity to tell why Advanced Wellness GCM recommends Bay Alarm Medical to my clients.

It is important for seniors to have safety and peace of mind. I had a couple of seniors that fell and laid there for hours before a neighbor or a family member was discovered that the senior needed help. Seniors was to stay in their own homes as long as possible and as a Geriatric Care Manager, I want to make that happen.

Bay Alarm Medical is my first line of safety to keep the senior at home. Bay Alarm Medical offers customer service when many companies are going the other direction. You can call David Meistrell and he will assist the client as if it was his own grandmother or grandfather. I routinely recieve comments on Bay Alarm Medical from all my families on how effective and efficient they are.

Thank you for your partnership with Advanced Wellness Geriatric Care Management and all of the seniors you have assisted.

Helen Justice, GCM
Advanced Wellness Geriatric Care Management
Sacrament, CA

Help at Home Senior Care has referred many of our customers to Bay Alarm Medical because we know that they will receive quality service at a fair price that will help them remain safe in their home. Our local Bay Alarm Medical representative is caring and dependable and we feel secure that she will treat our clients with the same dignity and respect that we feel is imperative to customer satisfaction.

Bridgett Hodkin
Help at Home Senior Care
Sacramento, CA

Bay Alarm Medical provides monitoring with reliable equipment at a really decent price. They’re not the fanciest in the business, and they’re not chasing the latest technology, but they’re putting their money into hiring great people to do their customer service and emergency monitoring, and they’re making it easy for the customers who choose to do business with them.

Joe Thoron
Elderly Medical Alert Systems

Bay Alarm Medical is the medical alert systems arm of Bay Alarm, a company that is well established in the field of security monitoring systems. Bay Alarm Medical stays true to its stated mission of offering protection to important areas in a person’s life like health and independence. They have successfully put together a user-friendly system that customers like and trust and the staff at the company are helpful and professional in their approach. The basic system consists of a base unit, a pendant that can be worn as a bracelet or necklace, and access to a 24/7 monitoring center for emergency help.

The best part of Bay Alarm Medical is that they are less expensive than many of their competitors. A month’s service can go as low as $27.95 per month for customer who pre-pay for the semi-annual plan.

Sandra Cheng
Medical Alert Systems Review

Bay Alarm Medical stood out for a) how concise their marketing materials were b) how they were readily available to answer questions, whether by phone, email, or online. In fact, on my first visit to their site, there was an actual person (his name was Alan) available to chat and answer my questions about the medical alarm system industry.

This was absolutely refreshing because I had come across some extremely outdated and unprofessional sites where there were limited to no disclosure of service level and accountability. Frankly, if I had to feel “shady” from a site that was suppose to disclose how their services and products would help keep my loves ones safe then “no,thanks”.

Bay Alarm Medical was definitely different. Important to me, Bay Alarm Medical was one of two (and the best, I think) when it came to multilingual medical alarm systems. So if you are looking for Vietnamese medical alarm systems or medical alarm systems with Chinese or Japanese on-call responders, for example, then Bay Alarm Medical is a good place to look deeper. They have over 60 language-support options – free of charge to your particular coverage.

Murray Nguyen
Medical Alarm System

I called Life Alert first. Phone rep was too aggressive with trying to upsell their services. I had a nice chat with Alan at Bay Alarm Medical and he answered all our questions with no pressure. I greatly appreciated this.

Cindy Dunigan

I wanted to let you know that my mother has your medical alert system. On May 31st, she was having a heart attack and pressed her medical alert button. A calm woman acknowledged her by name and asked if she needed help. Because of the medical alert button, she is alive today. It was a life or death with only a 90 minute window to save her. She had 2 stints put in her heat and is recovering at home.

I just wanted to personally thank you for a wonderful service that worked perfectly.

Jeanne Fitzgerald
Richmond, CA

Our daughter recommended Bay Alarm Medical to us. We met with the sales rep, Stacey Dalton. She was very knowledgeable about the service and spent time with us to make sure we understood the working of the systems. October 12th we had a storm that took down our power. Within a short time Bay Alarm Medical response team was calling us to make sure we were okay. So glad to know how well the system works. I have referred friends as I’m so please with the company.

Roxy Pullam
Carmichael, CA

One of the things I really liked was the setup of our system. Stacey came in and tested it all throughout our house, including the utility room and outside. Additionally, we don’t have to be home at the same time every month for the test, they do there test behind the scenes. Lastly, the price is very reasonable.

George Costianich

After researching all the Medical Alert companies, I found Bay Alarm Medical had the right stuff for my parents. No confusing contracts, family owned, longevity, and already well known for their alarms systems. Customer service is excellent. Stacey Dalton is tops! I’ve referred several friends and family members who are also very happy. Thanks so much for the peace of mind your systems affords me and my family.

Pat Frywald
Vacaville, CA

Before Bay Alarm Medical, I would not have considered using a Medical Alert System, but now I would not go with out it. I like the reassurance I feel when I am at home, knowing help is always available if needed.
Marge Coughanour

My mom was very happy with the quick service in getting the device delivered. We had to delay activation for couple of weeks and someone contacted us to see if there was a problem since they had not seen any signals yet. She had my sister call to get it installed and tested. Everyone was very helpful and took very few minutes to activate the service. She is 85 years old and feels secure knowing she has the service just in case something should happen since she does live alone. Her neighbors have a similar service they are paying much more and not as good of service.
Anna Price
Anaheim, CA

I’ve always worried about my 87-year-old mother because she lives at home alone. She was using another alert service that required a family member be contacted to permit paramedics into her home. I found this inconvenient because my siblings and I live hours away. With Bay Alarm Medical I can be assured that an ambulance will be automatically be dispatched if needed and my mother will be provided with the proper care. It was so easy to sign up; the staff was very polite, informative, and helpful.
Patti Calahane
Pacheco, CA

I am very pleased to say how easy it was to get the Bay Medical for my home. It was a very simple set up and the instructions are easy to follow. I am on a fixed income, as most others that need this service, and I am saving much more than I was paying with my other service. I also like that there is no contract term to fulfill. I highly recommend this service to everyone that is home alone.
Ruth Cockrill

Bay Alarm Medical exceeded my expectations. Lately, it seems I have a habit of falling. My wife wanted to make sure that when she’s away, I would be looked after. This has helped us feel we have a back up we can always depend on. My friends are all in their 80s and with Bay Alarm Medical, we no longer need to be afraid of being alone.
Robert Teichera

My sister and I feel so much better knowing my Mom has the service just in case she does fall or worse. She lives by herself and is 86 and wants to remain independent so this helps her do so. We just found out lately she has been having dizzy spells but know with the service we do not have to worry as much since she can simply hit the button to get help
Anna Price

Google Rating

1,563 reviews

Land line installation was simple (just plug into phone jack and wall outlet). Think the portable help buttons are a great idea. Placed them around the house so that the necklace wearing is optional, especially for someone adamant they will not wear one. Testing the unit once plugged in was simple,quick, and easy BUT suggest you have someone to help other than your elderly recipient. Customer service was great!read more
Leigh-Ann Hartley
15:43 21 Mar 18
Very pleased with everything involved to set my 94 year old mother up the Bay Alarm Medical. The agent I spoke with on the phone was knowledgeable, helpful, and very patient in answering my questions. The device arrived quickly and was very easy to set up. All the contact agents during the setup process were also polite and patient, outlining expectations in an easy to understand manner. Shortly after setup, my mom experienced a power outage. She called and asked me whether the system was still working. I told her to press the Help button and they'd respond in a matter of seconds. And they did! She was very pleased that they were so quick and very helpful in explaining that she was still safe even if the power went out.What a great company - so glad we chose Bay Alarm Medical!read more
Jean Erwin
01:43 12 Feb 18
The Bay in home monitoring system most likely saved my mom's life on three different occasions. In two cases she had fallen (she is 92 and uses a walker) outside her home. Bay Alarm dispatchers called 911 and paramedics arrived very quickly. Contacts were notified quickly as well. On the third occasion she had a home invasion and pushed her pendant button and the Invaders left when the Bay Alarm dispatchers came on the monitor speaker and ask what the emergency was. My family is very thankful for Bay Alarm! Great service at an excellent price!read more
randy ridenhour
17:50 15 Mar 18
I changed my phone service to Vonage and could not get my alert system to work so I thought I was going to need an upgrade. However while speaking with the customer service representative she said I didn't have it hooked up correctly. She walked me through the process and got me up and running. She spent somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes on the phone with me. I really appreciated the time and help she gave me. I have been with Bay medical for about two years and a couple of weeks ago I inadvertently set the alarm off. Well a little while later the ambulance service was at my door and my son and daughter were frantically calling me so the moral of that story is the system really does work. Having this alert system gives me great comfort. I would definitely advise anyone living alone to seriously consider a medical alert more
Eileen Kelly
21:31 23 Mar 18
Have used Bay Alarm service for my elderly dad for over 2 years now. He has worn the pendant and also had the manual alarm button to use with one touch. Over this time he has activated his alarm multiple times, including several falls in which his pendant sensor alerted the Bay Alarm to call, and subsequently send EMS.This company is awesome . Their phone operators are courteous, experienced and extremely proactive in providing prompt attention and follow through to ensure my dad's safety.I highly recommend Bay Alarm to anyone considering for an elderly loved more
Edward Vila
16:26 20 Feb 18
This is an updated review. I am moving out of the area and I needed to know if I can continue to use Bay Alarm. And, also, I am contemplating not having a land line when I move, so I needed to know all the ramifications, etc. The lady who helped me was excellent. She listened to all my questions and answered them very well. Her explanations were detailed and by the time the call ended, I felt very comfortable that I knew what to expect when I move. She very much deserves a solid 5 star rating. Also, I want to commend Bay Alarm on the excellent service they have given me the past several months. Everything worked as advertised. I was able to communicate with them even when outside of my house, etc. I usually test the system once a week and they are always very polite and concerned about how I'm doing and whether or not I'm OK. I plan on continuing with Bay Alarm when I move, and I whole heartedly recommend Bay Alarm to anyone who is in need of their more
Charles Di Bari
19:36 30 Mar 18
We’ve only had service for a couple months (for my mother), and couldn’t be happier! Staff is very professional and patient. Price is a better value compared to other companies that I researched - I paid for 6 months and received a free lock box that contains a key to her door for First Responders. My mom has accidentally activated her alarm a few times, and they are VERY QUICK to respond. On one of the accidental activations, my mom had removed her hearing aid for bed and could not hear the agent. They followed protocol to a “T” and called 9-1-1 and then called me. I am very comfortable leaving my mom alone, knowing that Bay Alarm has their ears on for her 24/7!!!!read more
Helen Ward
17:22 04 Apr 18
My experience with Bay Alarm Medical, at this point, is purely online. I was looking for additional information for a family member. The associate that chatted with me, Kelly, was more than helpful.She was informative, knowledgeable, quick to respond and had an amazing sense of humor. She was able to answer every single one of my questions with little to no delay and in a concise manner. She is an absolute asset to the company. If she is any indication of the type of people you employ, you'll have my business in an instant if I can convince my relative to put one of your devices more
Corey Roos
15:57 20 Apr 18
Excellent system ! Great people ! Outstanding service ! Mom and I are both very impressed with the quality of the devices she received, the friendly and professional way our questions were answered, and the helpfulness of the customer service team as they allowed us to test each one of the medical alert devices to my mother's satisfaction. And mine ! All tests went perfectly, and Mom is perfectly happy wearing her personal alert button wristband. I just can't measure the relief and gratitude I feel, knowing that Mom is no longer alone during my workday, and I can count on the Bay Alarm Medical system to bring her the help she needs in case of an emergency. Thanks to all at Bay Alarm Medical ! You are our heroes! Michelle and Margot in Memphisread more
Michelle Charbonnet
02:17 21 Apr 18
Thanks for doing a great job!I've spoken with Customer Service on several occasions and had very positive experiences. Also, I've added a second unit and easily had the billing aligned with the 1st on a semi-annual basis.More importantly, with testing and accidental alarms, the response is immediate. This provided a feeling of security for my aged, infirm family members.Thanks for providing a crucial service on a 24-hour basis!Respectfully,Gordon K. Galliganread more
Gordon Galligan
18:28 23 Apr 18
Superb customer service! Julia was patient, thorough, and very knowledgeable about their product offerings. I appreciated her staying on the line throughout the entire order process, even waiting for me to receive various confirmation e-mails along the way. A job very well done!read more
Richard Myers
19:31 07 Dec 18
Totally pleased and satisfied with all of the components of this alarm system and the respect and patience that was exhibited by the personnel in setting up the equipment. I look forward to excellent use of this alert system. To date I have not had to use it, but am sure if I need to there will be someone there for me. My two daughters have expressed their relief that I will be well taken care of in an more
Phyllis Ruck
20:17 02 Nov 18
Bay Alarm Medical was great. Their service for my mom was outstanding and their team is very caring. When we had to move mom to an assisted living facility they made cancelling the service very easy. John, the customer service rep who helped us, was very good and eager to help. Just an outstanding more
Michael Schrader
23:58 07 Dec 18
Thank you so much for your efficiency during the sign-up with Bay Alarm Medical. You helped me set up service for my 90-year old father and his elderly wife who live in another state; your staff made the process quick and painless. I especially appreciate your website. The videos provided so much information, both for me and for siblings in another state who will be setting up the system for my father. I'd like to encourage those people who are considering Bay Alarm Medical to take the time to review the appropriate videos as they answer typical questions, discuss paperwork and billing, and provide easy-to-follow installation more
sherri gillam
17:23 14 Nov 18
I have only been using the Bay Medical Alarm System for about three weeks now. I have to say at this point I am very pleased with their products and customer service. Their response times are excellent, and their tech and customer service representatives go above and beyond being helpful in resolving any issues that arise. I currently have the GPS mobile device that I wear as a necklace when I am out and about, and have the land line device with the necklace and bracelet that I wear at home. I like the fact that I can wear this necklace in the shower, so I always feel safe. The bracelet is worn at night while more
Sheila Brent
00:22 11 Nov 18