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Medical Alert Systems

With just a push of a button, Bay Alarm Medical's trained 24/7 emergency operators will be there to contact family, friends, neighbors and if necessary, your local 911 emergency services.

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Bay Alarm Medical, the  #1-Rated Medical Alert

For nearly 70 years, Bay Alarm Medical's singular mission has been to protect the most important things in life – family, health and independence. We pride ourselves in providing the best senior life-saving alert systems in the nation. Our clients are fully protected with industry-leading technology and backed by one of the nation's most reliable 24-hour medical alarm emergency call centers. Learn more

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Bay Alarm Medical will include a free pair of premium Bombas® socks with every new medical alert subscription.

In addition, we've partnered with Bombas® and together, we’ll be donating to the Socks in the City Program at the St. Anthony's Foundation

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Positive Aging

What does it really mean to be pro-aging? Bay Alarm Medical shares positive aging advice and inspiration from seniors for a happier, healthier life.

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Senior Couple

I am very pleased with Bay Alarm Medical. The customer service was excellent from start to finish, meaning from the time I began service with them until the time I ended service due to the passing of my grandmother. We never had any malfunctions with the equipment. The price could not be beat. Most of all, it gave both my grandmother and myself peace of mind. Thank you. - Natalie of Kansas City, MO

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