Bay Alarm Medical Code Of Ethics

Our mission at Bay Alarm Medical is to provide affordable safety and peace of mind to our customers and their loved ones. As a subsidiary of Bay Alarm, a family-owned business, we have over six decades of experience providing monitored security services to over 100,000 customers. All of our services and policies are designed to protect our customers and serve their needs. We value our customers, many of whom are aging adults, and we are devoted to ensuring their satisfaction and well being.

Dramatic changes are taking place in the demographic structure of the United States. Currently, about 44.5 million people are over the age of 75 — by 2050 that number will be about 50 million.

With the aging of our population comes the societal challenge of ensuring the infrastructure — a critical element of which is technology-driven — enables aging adults to live healthy, independent and productive lives.

At the same time, the rapid growth of the population raises concerns about the well being of older consumers as they may become vulnerable due to health challenges, chronic or terminal illness, diminished communication capabilities, or financial circumstances.

Consequently, elderly have been the targets of deceptive business scams involving other medical alert system providers. We believe a lack of knowledge about the medical alert systems market among the aging contributes to a higher level of susceptibility to deception, fraud and unscrupulous business practices. Protection of the senior and aging population is Bay Alarm Medical’s principal concern.

As the leader in the field, Bay Alarm Medical believes it has a responsibility to set high standards for how we conduct business, our professional behavior, and what we expect from our employees. The Bay Alarm Medical Code of Ethics establishes these standards, and our aim is to set an industry benchmark for uncompromisingly ethical and transparent business practices.

  1. No Telephone Cold Calls

    Bay Alarm Medical will never cold call non-customers for the purpose of making a sale, purchase third party customer lists or contract with third-party outbound call centers for such purposes.

  2. Zero Tolerance for High Pressure Sales

    When a customer says they are not interested, we vow not to ask them to change their mind. Bay Alarm Medical understands that “no” means “no.” Likewise, we vow to allow customers time to make decisions at their own pace and ask as many questions as they want. We will never rush customers to make decisions.

  3. Customer Needs Take Priority Over Sales

    We promise to provide information, products and services based on a customer’s particular needs, and never suggest non-essential purchases.

  4. No Unwanted Follow-up Calls

    Bay Alarm Medical will never make a follow-up call to a prospective customer that has requested not to be called. We will always respect the time it takes to make a decision regarding safety and security.

  5. Provide Courteous, Helpful, Comprehensive Customer Service from Trained Professionals

    Bay Alarm Medical customer service professionals must listen carefully to customer concerns and provide courteous, prompt and helpful service to ensure the highest level of satisfaction. Every Customer Care Consultant must undergo extensive background checks to be eligible for employment with Bay Alarm Medical. They must also participate in a rigorous technical training program and also go through sensitivity refinement training. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

  6. Customer Personal Information and Privacy Must be Protected

    Bay Alarm Medical does not collect personal customer information except when specifically and knowingly provided to the company by the customer. This includes on our website or paper forms. We do not and will never sell personal information to third parties.

  7. Conduct Business Honestly and Be Transparent About Practices

    Bay Alarm Medical vows to publicly post and make readily available to customers all information regarding pricing for its product and services, as well as any business or customer-related policies. In addition, we encourage customer feedback, and will never hide or delete customer comments or complaints.

  8. All Employees Must Abide by Code of Ethics

    As a condition of employment, all Bay Alarm Medical employees must indicate in writing that they will abide by the company’s Code of Ethics. Should a Bay Alarm Medical employee violate the company’s Code of Ethics, they are subject to immediate dismissal from the company.

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