Medical Guardian Pricing & Features Compared to Bay Alarm Medical

Both Bay Alarm Medical and Medical Guardian provide class-leading medical alert systems, that help protect seniors in their homes. But real customer testimonials, affordable pricing plans, and reliability ratings, solidify one of these as America’s best medical alert.

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America’s Best-Rated Medical Alert

While most major brand medical alert companies offer similar services and products, Bay Alarm Medical always advises customers to pay attention to the customer service and any possible hidden fees or red flags – such as companies that offer free months, free shipping, free lockboxes and other crazy percentage discounts to get you to sign up. There’s always a catch when you see the discounts pile on.

Bay Alarm Medical does not follow that strategy but some medical alert companies do. Bay Alarm Medical also prides itself in being transparent and offering an honest service to help loved ones and caregivers.

How Much Can You Save?

With Bay Alarm Medical, you’ll save $156 per year compared to Medical Guardian. Protecting your loved ones shouldn’t be a financial burden. Get world-class leading medical alert services at an affordable and fair rate with Bay Alarm Medical. There just isn’t a valid reason to be paying more to get protection for your loved ones.

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We Speak Your Language

There’s a word for “help” in every language, and Bay Alarm Medical speaks most of them. Bay Alarm Medical has partnered with Language Line Services to provide non-English speaking seniors the same great protection that all of our clients already receive. We support over 170 languages, including Spanish, Russian and even Cherokee.

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