Are Medical Alert Systems Covered By Medicare?

July 14, 2022

Will my insurance company pay for the cost of a medical life alert system? Will Medicare or Medicaid reimburse me for my monthly expenses? Do you offer any member discounts?

We get these questions a lot from our customers. In the following article, we’ll examine your insurance options and breakdown the answers to these questions

Are Medical Alert Systems Covered By Medicare?

Traditional Medicare doesn’t cover medical alert systems, but some Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans and private insurers do. If your Medicare plan doesn’t cover your medical alert system, you may still be eligible for discounts and/or tax-advantaged payment methods like health savings accounts or flexible spending accounts.

Medical alert systems can greatly increase seniors’ quality of life. Although Medicare doesn’t consider them “medical necessities,” medical alert systems help seniors age-in-place in their own homes, where help can be summoned with just the push of a button. Operators promptly dispatch emergency help over to the home promptly and save hundreds of lives per day.

Here’s how to find out if your Medicare plan covers a home medical alert system – and tips for saving money on a medical alert if you have to pay out-of-pocket yourself.

Will my Insurance Company Cover a Medical Alert System?

It depends. We encourage our customers to call their insurance provider to check if they qualify for reimbursement. Occasionally, insurance companies will pay for the alert system if the individual’s circumstances merit it. Usually, a doctor’s recommendation is required before an insurance company will issue a reimbursement.

Long-Term Care Insurance and Medical Alert Systems

If you have Long-Term Care Insurance, you may qualify for reimbursement of your medical alert service. Long-Term Care Insurance helps aging seniors with medical disabilities pay for home care services.

Long-Term Care Insurance includes the cost of durable medical equipment. Call your insurance provider to see if you qualify for medical alert coverage.

Other Payment Options if Your Insurance Doesn’t Cover Your Medical Alert System

If you can’t get your system covered with no out-of-pocket costs or co-pays, you may still qualify for discounts or be able to purchase your system with pre-tax money.

  • Medical alert discounts: Some providers offer discounts and deals that will save some money. For example, Bay Alarm Medical offers special deals  throughout the year. Check out their current deal here.
  • Flexible payment plans: Most medical alert companies offer flexible payment styles. These plans allow you to pay month-to-month, three months at a time, or the ability to prepay for half a year or a full year.
  • Health savings accounts (HSA): At least one family member must be covered by an HSA-approved, high-deductible health insurance plan in order to open a health savings account (HSA). However, any member of the family can use the HSA to cover approved medical expenses.
  • Health reimbursement arrangement (HRA): Some employers offer an HRA benefit. HRAs are employer-funded plans that reimburse employees for some medical expenses not covered by insurance.
  • Flexible spending accounts (FSA): Flexible Spending Accounts allow employees to set aside money from their salaries and use it to pay for specific qualified expenses. Ask your plan provider if your plan covers a medical alert system purchase.

Other Medical Alert System Resources

Before choosing a provider, find out what your total upfront costs. Be wary of any hidden equipment fees, activation fees, shipping fees, or security deposits. Carefully read any contracts or service agreements so that you’ll be aware of any cancellation fees and special clauses. Ask what will happen if you should need to cancel the service abruptly.

If you would like to know more about what to expect when signing up for medical alert service, check out our blog post on questions to ask before purchasing a medical alert system, and our FAQ page to get answers to our most commonly-asked questions.

Our friendly senior care consultants are available to discuss your options. We will answer all your questions honestly and thoroughly. No surprises here! Just give us a call toll-free at 1-877-522-9633 or open an online chat with a representative. Talk to you soon!


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