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Alan has been with Bay Alarm Medical for 15 years. His philosophy is simple: Love what you do and do what you love.

Alan's Role at Bay Alarm Medical

Customers often come to us after an accident or some kind of unfortunate safety event. Often times this was caused from an accidental fall, heart condition, or stroke. Whatever the case may be, the process of shopping for a medical alert system is never “fun” and is usually accompanied by fear or stress of making sure help is available should an incident happen again.

My primary goal here at Bay Alarm Medical is to create a comfortable shopping experience to ultimately provide reliable and affordable peace of mind for you and your loved ones.. No high pressure sales, no annoying follow-ups, and no over-selling.

How has a Medical Alert System Helped You?

My grandfather moved in with my parents and occupied a downstairs in-law around the time he turned 80. He took a fall one morning while in the bathroom and couldn’t help himself up. Luckily, my father was home on his day-off and heard my grandfather yell for help.

Everything turned out okay as he only remained on the floor for a few minutes. However, that experience was enough for our family to set him up with a medical alert system.

My grandfather passed away in 2010. Fortunately, he never took another fall and never had to push the button but we were glad that if anything were to have happened, help would have been a simple push-button away.

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