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For added protection and peace of mind.

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Auto Fall Detection


Auto Fall Facts

If you’re worried about a serious fall leading to disorientation, immobilization or being knocked unconscious, we recommend our Automatic Fall Detection Alert System. Our devices automatically places a call for help if you’re unable to. Available with In-Home and GPS Mobile medical alert systems.


  • Optimized to Reduce False Alarms
  • Water Resistant
  • Long Lasting Battery Life

Lock Box


How do I install a Lock Box

$30.00 per lock box. Your 4-digit code will be pre-programmed prior to shipping and ready to use upon delivery.

Protect your home from property damage during an emergency.

When emergency personnel are rushed to your house, they are trained and instructed to enter your home by any means necessary. This usually translates into them breaking down your front door to gain access. Although this may be the quickest way in, the home owner will be stuck with a very costly repair bill.

Simple, effective and affordable

The Bay Alarm Medical lock box was designed to be placed securely around the knob of your front door or gate. A copy of your house key(s) will be stored inside and the secret combination of the box is saved at our call center.

In the event of an emergency, if EMS needs to access your home, our operators will relay the secret combination code to whoever is called upon to help.

Lock Box Features:

  • Combination-style lock
  • You set the secret code. Our operators will store it in the system
  • Built tough to withstand year-round weather
  • Can hold up to 5 keys
  • No hidden costs. No long-term contracts



Which Button Should I Choose

Included with every SOS Home & SOS All-In-One Package. Additional buttons are available for purchase.

Add an additional button for yourself.

All SOS Home packages include 1 wearable button; 1 neck lanyard; 1 wrist band. For added peace of mind, customers often choose to have both a necklace alarm and a wrist alarm so that they are comfortable in any situation.

Add an additional button for your spouse.

Already have Bay Alarm Medical and want protection for your spouse? Simply purchase an additional medical alert button and we’ll monitor your spouse FREE of charge.

Button Features:

  • Up to 1000 ft of coverage
  • Ultra lightweight
  • 100% waterproof
  • 5-year battery life
  • No hidden costs. No long-term contracts

Bella Charms™


How To Beautify Your Button

$25.00 each. Get all four for $90.00.

Beautify your personal necklace button with a handcrafted Bella Charm. Just clip a charm to the back of the button and be ready for any event.

Easily interchangeable and made in the USA. Choose one or all of the charms below.

ONLY for Standard Necklace Help Button as seen in the image.

Wall Buttons


What are wall buttons?

$35 each.  Get a 4-Pack for $130

Place wall buttons around high-risk fall areas for maximum protection.

There’s no such thing as being over prepared! Place these wall buttons around your home in high risk fall areas (e.g., bathroom, kitchen, stairs) to maximize protection.

Wall buttons are best utilized when strategically placed low to the ground. Should a fall occur, the user should easily be able to access the button without needing to struggle to get up.

For when you just don’t want to wear a button…

We get it. A traditional medical alert button isn’t always the most comfortable and convenient piece of equipment to wear — especially in the shower or while you sleep.

Our wall buttons were designed as a safety measure for these situations. Widen your safety net by placing wall buttons in the bathroom as well as around your bedroom and stairwell.

Wall Button Features:

  • Large “HELP” sticker in red for maximum visibility
  • Ultra lightweight
  • 100% waterproof
  • 5-year battery life
  • Ultra-sticky, double-sided tape included with each button

Vial of Life

Free with new subscriptions, $8 for each additional kit.

All of your vital medical information ready during an emergency. Included FREE for new subscriptions.

The Vial of Life is designed to speak for you when you can’t speak for yourself. It allows our customers to have their complete medical information ready in their home for EMS to reference during an emergency.

What’s included?

The Bay Alarm Medical Vial of Life kit includes an emergency medical information sheet, a durable plastic sleeve and a magnetic strip. We recommend that the kit be placed in front of your refrigerator door. One kit is included with any new subscription. Additional kits can be purchased — great for monitoring a spouse or simply to have extra placed in different locations of the home.

Bella Bands™

$17 each. Get all four for $60

Stylize Your Button with Bella Bands™

Our colorful Bella Bands™ are designed to fit with the standard combo button. The nylon band is made with a strong, stretchy elastic to keep you comfortable & safe. The adjustable buckle allows you to resize as needed. The high-quality silicone will keep your help button in place. Available in 4 colors, choose them individually or enjoy the 4-pack option.

*Fits wrists up to 7 inches. Not available for Auto Fall Buttons.

  • Midnight
  • Sky
  • Mint
  • Lavender
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