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How Do Our Medical Alert Systems Work?

When seconds matter, Bay Alarm Medical delivers.

Push Button

Need help? Push your emergency medical alert button and remain calm. Help is on the way!

We Answer

A trained USA-based 24/7 live operator will initiate a 2-way conversation with your loved one.

We Send Help

We’ll contact friends, family, neighbors, and if necessary, your local 911 emergency services.

How It Works

Jim T. Miller shows the entire suite of Bay Alarm Medical’s alert systems and discusses the importance getting 24/7 help at a moment’s notice.

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Listen to Real Calls

Hear actual emergency calls from real customers and experience how different situations are handled by our trained Bay Alarm Medical 24/7 Response Agents.

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Easy Setup

Our medical alert systems are designed for plug and play installation – no tools required! Easy-to-follow help guides are also included with every system.

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2024 Consumer Reports Ratings

The following content has been reprinted with permission from Consumer Reports does not endorse products or services.

America’s #1 Rated Medical Alert Provider

If you have health issues or have a loved one that may need immediate medical attention, consider an emergency response solution from Bay Alarm Medical. The In-Home Medical Alert System uses your existing landline and installs in seconds, and offers an extra-large help button and clear hands-free two-way audio. Its landline, cellular, and fall detection coverage are a bit more expensive than the competition, but the system delivered the fastest overall response times and the best portable help button range in our tests. That makes it our Editors' Choice for in-home medical alert systems.

John R. Delaney | Contributing Editor, PCMag

The Bay Alarm Medical On-The-Go GPS Help Button is small, simply designed and easy to use. Even better, the response times to my calls were so quick that it gave me a real sense of confidence in the system’s ability to provide emergency help rapidly and effectively when needed.

Nicole Gregory | Contributor, Forbes Health

Bay Alarm Medical’s SOS All-In-One with Fall Detection system works on a 4G LTE network, which provides the higher bandwidth needed for more accurate location tracking and better coverage nationwide. The system includes an automatic fall detection button, a neck lanyard, a wearable button with a magnetic attachment and a wristband. The wearable button is lightweight and compact enough to fit comfortably on a keychain, or as a bracelet or necklace.

Christopher Norman, GNP | Senior Care Expert Contributor,

Overall, Bay Alarm Medical offers affordable and streamlined on-the-go and in-the-home medical alert systems and services that help seniors live more comfortably. With plenty of affordable add-on accessories and versatile on-the-go options ranging from the GPS help button to an SOS smartwatch — there’s a device that fits every unique need. As a family-owned business for decades, they’ve provided life-saving medical alert systems to over 100,000 customers and live by their code of ethics to provide transparency and protection for aging adults.

Amie Clark | Co-Founder & Senior Editor, TheSeniorList

Some medical alert smartwatches require a smartphone, but the Bay Alarm SOS Smartwatch is functional all on its own. It has two-way calling, so if you press the help button, you can talk directly to the dispatcher through the smartwatch (and you can also talk to your loved ones). It also features location tracking and a built-in step tracker. The battery life ranges from six to 18 hours, depending on usage, and the device is water resistant with a rating of IP67.

Kim Wong-Shing | Senior Associate Editor, CNET

Most Popular

SOS Home

From $24.95/mo

Our most popular medical alert system for seniors. Get 24/7 help at the push of a button. Available with Automatic Fall Detection and 4G LTE Cellular for homes without a landline. Made and monitored in the USA.

bay alarm medical in home made in the usa
Customer Favorite

SOS All-In-One

From $39.95/mo

Get 24/7 emergency help both in AND away from the home on a single device. Designed to be versatile throughout the day while also providing 24/7 protection inside the home. App-based location tracking included with subscription.

Favorite On-the-Go Device

SOS Mobile

From $34.95/mo

Stay protected while out and about. We’ll dispatch local EMS to your location if needed. App-based location tracking included with subscription. Available on both AT&T & Verizon 4G LTE networks for best performance in your area.

Simple-to-Use Wearable

SOS Smartwatch

From $34.95/mo

The modern alternative to traditional medical alert systems. The SOS smartwatch has a physical help button to dispatch local EMS to your location. Features ultra-clear, two-way talk and enhanced battery life.

Bundle Savings

Bundle Packages

From $59.95/mo

Save money when you bundle any of our mobile devices with an in-home medical alert system. Widen your safety net and be covered both in and away from the home.

bay alarm medical gps bundle made in usa

Automatic Fall Detection

From $10.00/mo

Automatic Fall Detection automatically places a call for help if you’re unable to. Available as an upgrade with In-Home and Mobile GPS medical alert systems.

24/7 MonitoringEquipment CostMonitored in USAUltra Fast LTE CellularCaregiver Tracking
SOS Home | Landline$24.95/moLeased at no cost24/ 7 USA Monitoring is available with the In-Home Landline plan.
SOS Home | Cellular$29.95/moLeased at no cost24/ 7 USA Monitoring is available with the In-Home Cellular plan.Ultra Fast LTE Cellular is available with the In-Home Cellular Plan.
SOS All-In-One$39.95/mo$11924/ 7 USA Monitoring is available with the Mobile GPS Help Button plan.Ultra Fast LTE Cellular is available with the Mobile GPS Help Button Plan..Caregiver Tracking is available with the Mobile GPS Help Button Plan.
SOS Mobile$34.95/mo$9924/ 7 USA Monitoring is available with the Mobile GPS Help Button plan.Ultra Fast LTE Cellular is available with the Mobile GPS Help Button Plan..Caregiver Tracking is available with the Mobile GPS Help Button Plan.
SOS SmartWatch$34.95/mo$15924/ 7 USA Monitoring is available with the SOS Smartwatch plan.Ultra Fast LTE Cellular is available with the SOS Smartwatch Plan.

Made In America

Our family-owned business has been serving fellow Americans since 1946 . We're proud that our core products are designed, manufactured, and monitored exclusively in the United States.


Concord, CA

24/7 Monitoring

Rexberg, ID

Ogden, UT


Concord, CA

24/7 Monitoring

Rexberg, ID

Ogden, UT


Fremont, CA

Louisville, KY


South Jordan, UT

Dallas, TX

Huntsville, AL

Nationwide Coverage

We provide service all across the United States including Alaska & Hawaii. Our medical alarm system is compatible with most standard phone lines, cable providers (Comcast, Time Warner, Cox, etc.) and VOIP solutions (AT&T, Verizon).

Monitored in the USA for Maximum Reliability

A medical alert system is only as good as the 24/7 emergency call center that backs it up. Bay Alarm Medical works closely with our USA-based monitoring partner to create a network of highly reliable emergency response centers. Located in Ogden, Utah and Rexburg, Idaho, the two state-of-the-art centers are full duplicates of each other. If one station were to ever go offline, the other station would provide immediate emergency coverage.

Strategically Separated

Bay Alarm Medical provides consultation, technical support and customer service from our headquarters in California. We keep 24/7 medical monitoring completely separate from our day to day business operations to ensure that all emergency calls are rapidly responded to.


Certified & Rated #1 in America

Both 24/7 emergency medical monitoring centers are CSAA Five Diamond Certified and undergo a rigorous certification process annually, commit to tough quality standards, and agree to random inspections by UL, a nationally recognized testing laboratory.

¡Hola, 你 好, Privet!

We support over 170 languages to effectively communicate with our non-English or English-as-a-second-language clients!

Popular options include: Spanish, Chinese, Farsi, Vietnamese, & Russian.

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Nationwide Service Coverage

Our medical alert systems are equipped to support customers with both landline and cellular connections.

For customers that prefer a cellular connection, our products support both AT&T and Verizon LTE networks. So no matter where you live, as long as you have sufficient coverage by either network, you can be sure we'll be able to get you the help you need at any time of the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are medical alert systems covered by Medicare?

Traditional Medicare doesn't cover medical alert systems, but some Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans and private insurers do. You may also be able to use your HSA or an employer plan to pay for your system. Learn more about Medicare and medical alert systems.

Do senior organizations recommend medical alert systems?

Senior organizations like AARP recommend medical alert systems because they help seniors stay safe and age in place at home. Some medical alert services offer AARP discounts or other special pricing options. Learn how to choose the best medical alert system for your needs.

Do I need a landline to use a medical alert system?

Traditional medical alert systems require a base station in the home connected to a landline. Cellular-based systems also work away from home, and there's no difference in performance if cellular coverage is strong where you are. Let us help you choose the medical alert system that works best for your budget and lifestyle.

Do you need a cell phone for medical alert systems?

There no dedicated cell phone required to use our medical alert systems. Bay Alarm Medical devices that use "Cellular network" simply means that the device is powered by local network towers. Please note: A smartphone is required to download and use the Bay Alarm Medical App.

Do I need WiFi to use a medical alert system?

Bay Alarm Medical's medical alert systems don't require wifi or an Internet connection. Users communicate directly with our trained operators via their landline or cellular connection.

Is there a medical alert system that calls family?

Yes, Bay Alarm Medical's Emergency Form can be customized to call family/friends/neighbors prior to contacting emergency personnel.

Are medical alert systems worth it?

Medical alert systems can be worth it for certain individuals, depending on their specific needs and circumstances. These systems can provide peace of mind and assistance in emergency situations for those who are elderly, disabled, or have a chronic medical condition.

How reliable are medical alert systems?

Medical alert systems are generally reliable and can provide an added layer of safety and security for individuals who may require assistance in case of a medical emergency. However, like any technology, medical alert systems are not perfect so it's important to choose a reputable provider that provides reliable service and support. It is equally as important for users to ensure that it is being used effectively.

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Very efficient and effective service. Quite pleased.The recorded messages are long and, for some, not necessary. There should be a key to press to bypass these messages.
Jeff Rudisill
Jeff Rudisill
01:06 03 Mar 24
Very responsive and helpful. 5 stars all around
Michele Pinkas
Michele Pinkas
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Very happy with my med alarm watch. Looks classy and the reps are very pleasant to deal with.
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My experience with the customer service personnel I spoke with on today was very pleasant patient and knowledgeable. Very careful in making sure that all of our concerns and questions were answered... to our satisfaction Bravo!!!.read more
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Louellen Calloway
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Excellent customer service! I needed help getting set up and had many usage questions. I received patient and thorough support. Everything is now ready to go and it was all so easy.
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Robin Raff
18:02 02 Mar 24
After a few attempts to fix a problem, I got wonderful help from someone yesterday. She was patient, knew what she was doing and so pleasant! I can't thank her enough
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Susan Light
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I was quite impressed by the knowledge and courtesy of the agent. She was thorough and Was A+, Great job Lady!
00:47 02 Mar 24
Very friendly customer service and excellent technical/ sales support
Mark Lopez
Mark Lopez
22:45 29 Feb 24
Asa provided excellent service and was very personable to talk with making my phone call an enjoyable one!
Eric Shimabukuro
Eric Shimabukuro
21:56 29 Feb 24
It would be very helpful if your package included pictures and identifiers of the various devices included and when and where the various devices are to be used. Also, it’s not clear whether one... needs to carry the transmitter with you to reach the telephone contact if one needs to cancel a “fall detected” or actually report a fall, , requesting more
Sam Kountoupes
Sam Kountoupes
21:44 29 Feb 24

Does Medicare pay for medical alert systems?

No, typically, Medicare does NOT pay for a medical alert system. Most insurance plans don't pay, but some will, so be sure to check. And there are some other options to help. See our guide for more details: Do Medicare & Insurance Pay for Medical Alert Systems?

Do senior organizations recommend medical alert systems?

Yes. Several senior organizations, including AARP, have issued strong endorsements on the use of life-saving, home medical alert systems. The use of these devices is predicted to continue growing strongly. See: Senior Organizations Endorse Medical Alert Devices

Do you need a landline for a medical alert system?

No, a landline is not needed for a medical alert system. While the base station typically connects to a landline if available, an appropriate cellular signal will also work with comparable results for many home alert systems. See more: Do I Need a Landline To Us Bay Alarm Medical Alert Systems?

What is the range of your medical alert system?

Expect a range of up to 1,000 feet for your medical alert system outside the home - that's about 3 football fields (or 2 acres). For travel further afield, there are GPS-enabled systems too. See more: Do Medical Alert Systems Work Outside The Home?

What battery life does your system have?

The battery life of the wearable part of the home medical alert system is 2-5 years. The base station has a backup battery good for 32 hours in a power outage. See more: Medical Alert Buttons, Alarm Necklaces & Accessories

Google Rating
Based on 11819 reviews