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Need help? Simply push your emergency medical alert button. Remain calm. Help is on the way!

We Answer

A trained, 24/7 live operator will speak to you over the console and make sure you're taken care of.

We Respond

If necessary, we'll contact friends, family, neighbors, and your local 911 emergency services.

Jim T. Miller, NBC Today contributor and creator of, demonstrates how to use Bay Alarm Medical’s medical alert system, pricing options, and the importance of why every senior should have one in the home.

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Amie Clark, co-founder of TheSeniorList and Bay Alarm Medical’s very own Kayla Quinn, discuss the most common risks and limitations of medical alert systems that worry caregivers.

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3,058 reviews

Ordered the Bay Alarm Medical system for my mother. I have spent 42 years in the fire service and EMS and my dad was a firefighter for 32 years. This system is rock solid. We tested the system yesterday and my mom's eyes just shined. She feels safe and knows help is only a click away. I know this sounds like I work for Bay Alarm Medical but they are on the other side of the US and I'm in Indiana. The set up was plug and test that's it. I looked at other units but hands down this is the way to go.

- Thomas Champion

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In-Home Medical Alert

From $19.95/mo

Our most popular medical alert system for seniors. Get 24/7 help at the push of a button. Available with Automatic Fall Detection and AT&T 4G LTE. Made and monitored in the USA.

4G LTE GPS Help Button

From $39.95/mo

Stay protected while you're out and about. Now with AT&T 4G LTE GPS tracking, we'll dispatch the closest available emergency help to your location. Made and monitored in the USA.

In-Car Medical Alert

From $29.95/mo

Get 24/7 automatic crash detection, gps tracking, and live 2-way communication to our monitoring center. Simply plugs into your vehicle's cigarette lighter. Monitored in the USA.

Bundle Packages

From $39.95/mo

Get complete 360° protection with the combination of our In-Home, On-the-Go, and In-Car medical alert systems. Save money when you bundle two or more systems.

3 Redundant Call Centers

Even our backups have backups.

Monitored in the USA for Maximum Reliability

A medical alert system is only as good as the 24/7 emergency call center that backs it up. Bay Alarm Medical works closely with our USA-based monitoring partner to create a network of highly reliable emergency response centers. Located in Ogden, Utah and Rexburg, Idaho, the two state-of-the-art centers are full duplicates of each other. If one station were to ever go offline, the other station would provide immediate emergency coverage.

Certified & Accredited

logo-csaaBoth 24/7 emergency medical monitoring centers are CSAA Five Diamond Certified and undergo a rigorous certification process annually, commit to tough quality standards, and agree to random inspections by UL, a nationally recognized testing laboratory.

3 Call Stations

Bay Alarm Medical provides consultation, technical support and customer service from our headquarters in California. We keep 24/7 medical monitoring completely separate from our day to day business operations to ensure that all calls are rapidly responded to.

Nationwide Coverage

Service available all across the United States including Alaska & Hawaii.

Our medical alarm system is compatible with most standard phone lines, cable providers (Comcast, Time Warner, Cox, etc.) and VOIP solutions (AT&T, Verizon).

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Voted Best Medical Alert
Provider of 2019

Google Rating

3,058 reviews

Land line installation was simple (just plug into phone jack and wall outlet). Think the portable help buttons are a great idea. Placed them around the house so that the necklace wearing is optional, especially for someone adamant they will not wear one. Testing the unit once plugged in was simple,quick, and easy BUT suggest you have someone to help other than your elderly recipient. Customer service was great!read more
Leigh-Ann Hartley
15:43 21 Mar 18
Very pleased with everything involved to set my 94 year old mother up the Bay Alarm Medical. The agent I spoke with on the phone was knowledgeable, helpful, and very patient in answering my questions. The device arrived quickly and was very easy to set up. All the contact agents during the setup process were also polite and patient, outlining expectations in an easy to understand manner. Shortly after setup, my mom experienced a power outage. She called and asked me whether the system was still working. I told her to press the Help button and they'd respond in a matter of seconds. And they did! She was very pleased that they were so quick and very helpful in explaining that she was still safe even if the power went out.What a great company - so glad we chose Bay Alarm Medical!read more
Jean Erwin
01:43 12 Feb 18
The Bay in home monitoring system most likely saved my mom's life on three different occasions. In two cases she had fallen (she is 92 and uses a walker) outside her home. Bay Alarm dispatchers called 911 and paramedics arrived very quickly. Contacts were notified quickly as well. On the third occasion she had a home invasion and pushed her pendant button and the Invaders left when the Bay Alarm dispatchers came on the monitor speaker and ask what the emergency was. My family is very thankful for Bay Alarm! Great service at an excellent price!read more
randy ridenhour
17:50 15 Mar 18
I changed my phone service to Vonage and could not get my alert system to work so I thought I was going to need an upgrade. However while speaking with the customer service representative she said I didn't have it hooked up correctly. She walked me through the process and got me up and running. She spent somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes on the phone with me. I really appreciated the time and help she gave me. I have been with Bay medical for about two years and a couple of weeks ago I inadvertently set the alarm off. Well a little while later the ambulance service was at my door and my son and daughter were frantically calling me so the moral of that story is the system really does work. Having this alert system gives me great comfort. I would definitely advise anyone living alone to seriously consider a medical alert more
Eileen Kelly
21:31 23 Mar 18
Have used Bay Alarm service for my elderly dad for over 2 years now. He has worn the pendant and also had the manual alarm button to use with one touch. Over this time he has activated his alarm multiple times, including several falls in which his pendant sensor alerted the Bay Alarm to call, and subsequently send EMS.This company is awesome . Their phone operators are courteous, experienced and extremely proactive in providing prompt attention and follow through to ensure my dad's safety.I highly recommend Bay Alarm to anyone considering for an elderly loved more
Edward Vila
16:26 20 Feb 18
This is an updated review. I am moving out of the area and I needed to know if I can continue to use Bay Alarm. And, also, I am contemplating not having a land line when I move, so I needed to know all the ramifications, etc. The lady who helped me was excellent. She listened to all my questions and answered them very well. Her explanations were detailed and by the time the call ended, I felt very comfortable that I knew what to expect when I move. She very much deserves a solid 5 star rating. Also, I want to commend Bay Alarm on the excellent service they have given me the past several months. Everything worked as advertised. I was able to communicate with them even when outside of my house, etc. I usually test the system once a week and they are always very polite and concerned about how I'm doing and whether or not I'm OK. I plan on continuing with Bay Alarm when I move, and I whole heartedly recommend Bay Alarm to anyone who is in need of their more
Charles Di Bari
19:36 30 Mar 18
We’ve only had service for a couple months (for my mother), and couldn’t be happier! Staff is very professional and patient. Price is a better value compared to other companies that I researched - I paid for 6 months and received a free lock box that contains a key to her door for First Responders. My mom has accidentally activated her alarm a few times, and they are VERY QUICK to respond. On one of the accidental activations, my mom had removed her hearing aid for bed and could not hear the agent. They followed protocol to a “T” and called 9-1-1 and then called me. I am very comfortable leaving my mom alone, knowing that Bay Alarm has their ears on for her 24/7!!!!read more
Helen Ward
17:22 04 Apr 18
My experience with Bay Alarm Medical, at this point, is purely online. I was looking for additional information for a family member. The associate that chatted with me, Kelly, was more than helpful.She was informative, knowledgeable, quick to respond and had an amazing sense of humor. She was able to answer every single one of my questions with little to no delay and in a concise manner. She is an absolute asset to the company. If she is any indication of the type of people you employ, you'll have my business in an instant if I can convince my relative to put one of your devices more
Corey Roos
15:57 20 Apr 18
Excellent system ! Great people ! Outstanding service ! Mom and I are both very impressed with the quality of the devices she received, the friendly and professional way our questions were answered, and the helpfulness of the customer service team as they allowed us to test each one of the medical alert devices to my mother's satisfaction. And mine ! All tests went perfectly, and Mom is perfectly happy wearing her personal alert button wristband. I just can't measure the relief and gratitude I feel, knowing that Mom is no longer alone during my workday, and I can count on the Bay Alarm Medical system to bring her the help she needs in case of an emergency. Thanks to all at Bay Alarm Medical ! You are our heroes! Michelle and Margot in Memphisread more
Michelle Charbonnet
02:17 21 Apr 18
Thanks for doing a great job!I've spoken with Customer Service on several occasions and had very positive experiences. Also, I've added a second unit and easily had the billing aligned with the 1st on a semi-annual basis.More importantly, with testing and accidental alarms, the response is immediate. This provided a feeling of security for my aged, infirm family members.Thanks for providing a crucial service on a 24-hour basis!Respectfully,Gordon K. Galliganread more
Gordon Galligan
18:28 23 Apr 18
Superb customer service! Julia was patient, thorough, and very knowledgeable about their product offerings. I appreciated her staying on the line throughout the entire order process, even waiting for me to receive various confirmation e-mails along the way. A job very well done!read more
Richard Myers
19:31 07 Dec 18
Totally pleased and satisfied with all of the components of this alarm system and the respect and patience that was exhibited by the personnel in setting up the equipment. I look forward to excellent use of this alert system. To date I have not had to use it, but am sure if I need to there will be someone there for me. My two daughters have expressed their relief that I will be well taken care of in an more
Phyllis Ruck
20:17 02 Nov 18
Bay Alarm Medical was great. Their service for my mom was outstanding and their team is very caring. When we had to move mom to an assisted living facility they made cancelling the service very easy. John, the customer service rep who helped us, was very good and eager to help. Just an outstanding more
Michael Schrader
23:58 07 Dec 18
Thank you so much for your efficiency during the sign-up with Bay Alarm Medical. You helped me set up service for my 90-year old father and his elderly wife who live in another state; your staff made the process quick and painless. I especially appreciate your website. The videos provided so much information, both for me and for siblings in another state who will be setting up the system for my father. I'd like to encourage those people who are considering Bay Alarm Medical to take the time to review the appropriate videos as they answer typical questions, discuss paperwork and billing, and provide easy-to-follow installation more
sherri gillam
17:23 14 Nov 18
I have only been using the Bay Medical Alarm System for about three weeks now. I have to say at this point I am very pleased with their products and customer service. Their response times are excellent, and their tech and customer service representatives go above and beyond being helpful in resolving any issues that arise. I currently have the GPS mobile device that I wear as a necklace when I am out and about, and have the land line device with the necklace and bracelet that I wear at home. I like the fact that I can wear this necklace in the shower, so I always feel safe. The bracelet is worn at night while more
Sheila Brent
00:22 11 Nov 18
I and my 90 - year-old mother cannot live together. I am less anxious when I call her every morning and the phone goes over three rings. Bay Alarm lends me peace of mind knowing that my mother has not fallen and cannot get up.I thank Alicia for her helping response to my call to make sure that my information is up to date with Bay Alarm.How did generations of families survive before Bay Alarm?It is at least two years later. I called to update my billing information after losing my debit card. Bay Alarm is a priority. Jessica was friendly and courteous as she completed my more
John L. Walker Jr.
15:54 14 Dec 18
I spoke with Nicole, who was very friendly, patient, and competent. She answered all my questions with a positive attitude, even though she hears these same questions every day. The alert features and the holiday price can't be beat. The range of detection exceeds most other companies and the ability to answer the phone with the alert button is an excellent feature. Great experience!read more
Marianne Zahren
19:58 17 Dec 18
In order to get reimbursed from the insurance company I needed and invoice for the services you provide. They would not accept just the receipt you had sent. I called and the associate I spoke to emailed me an invoice while we were on the phone. I cannot Thank you enough for the service your company provides. And especially all the associates who are so professional and yet so gracious. Wishing all of you a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!read more
Janet Giannini
17:17 17 Dec 18
The rep I spoke with was thorough and knowledgeable. She knew exactly what I needed and took control of the situation with a quick resolution. Beyond that I am very impressed with the response time. I was not expected to wade through auto-attendants again and again to get to customer service. For that I especially thank you!read more
Judith Raske
00:56 19 Dec 18
Service and attention has been excellent. It would be better if their system was easier to deal with for those of us who have more than one home and move back and forth seasonally. Having to call in each time and go through all the questions about contacts, etc. is a result of the inability of the system to store such data and retrieve it. However, they are very service oriented and handle the changes smoothly and more
Malcolm Wattman
04:36 05 Jan 19
Bay alarm helped keep my father in law home for five years, giving us the security of knowing that when he fell he would be just minutes from getting the help he would need to get back on his feet again. On the occasions he actually needed to be looked at for further medical intervention, that help was also just a button click away. Bay alarm alerted me right after calling emergency medical personnel, so I was able to be there within minutes. I would definitely recommend!read more
Cindy Dow
23:09 05 Jan 19
Very easy to work with start to finish. When I ordered for my parents they made it easy to send the materials to them and bill me. Great customer service. The features were equivalent to much more expensive operations. I would highly more
Patrick Byrne
17:22 07 Jan 19
Needed to go over my account to check contact names and numbers just to make sure everything was correct. All was well. Then I needed to order additional HELP buttons for my father’s home. The woman was very helpful with all of my needs and took care of my more
marty alexander
23:32 14 Jan 19
Bay alarm helped keep my father in law home for five years, giving us the security of knowing that when he fell he would be just minutes from getting the help he would need to get back on his feet again. On the occasions he actually needed to be looked at for further medical intervention, that help was also just a button click away. Bay alarm alerted me right after calling emergency medical personnel, so I was able to be there within minutes. The pendant he had worked up to 300 feet from the base unit, allowing him the freedom to be out in the yard and still covered. He had no internet and no interest in learning new technology, yet this system was perfect for him. I would definitely recommend!read more
Cindy Dow
10:27 16 Jan 19
I ordered an alert system from bay alarm for my Mom.It arrived as scheduled. My first system did not work,I called that afternoon around 6 and had to leave a message. It was returned the next day.I returned to my Moms, called them back and after trying everything with them over the phoneThey determined the system did not work. They told me they would send another one out express mail.It arrived 2 days later and worked right away. I called them to help me set up the necklace part and extra help buttons. They stayed on the phone with me and we got them up and running.So I am very please so far- the only reason I didn’t give the company 5 stars? I think they should have a better answering machine message stating their hours. It would have reassured me that they just weren’t engorging my call. If you call during their hours they are very more
Laura p
14:35 02 Feb 19
I got a unit for home and was not comfortable with it's range, I needed more. I called customer service and discussed returning my purchase and replacing it with the GPS that would better fit my needs. I have to have fall detection and was assured that it is on the GPS. I am returning my original purchase for the GPS. The customer service person was so very helpful and very knowledgeable about the products. Very happy with the outcome and looking forward to receiving my new unitread more
Karen Harney
21:27 25 Jan 19
Bay Alarm Medical provided us excellent equipment and service. For the many false alerts, they acted professionally and promptly. For the one real time we needed them, they were excellent and had first responders on site within minutes. And, they go the extra effort and notified all others in the phone tree that we had activated the alert.Many thanks for the peace of mind you more
David Margossian
17:18 05 Feb 19
Everyone was fabulous. My family is so happy we chose Bay Alarm Medical. We set everything up last night and tested everything and they responded so quickly and were patient with us and so helpful. My mother is 93 almost 94, she's independent and just stopped driving, but we still worry about her and want her to be safe... she is the world to me and my sisters. I am so happy I chose Bay Alarm, now I can rest knowing that if anything happens and we are not there, Bay Alarm will take care of my mother! Thank you I give you 5 more
Tracy Jones
15:33 07 Feb 19
I called today to make sure the alarm was set up correctly and prepared for my fathers use. Everything worked as described and the technical support person insisted that we test it before I hung up with him. We tested the unit while he sat in the background listening. Great experience -read more
Dale Fahrney
22:23 06 Feb 19
We have used Bay almost 2 years for my mother and have been very satisfied. The time it was triggered by accident everything worked as it should. When our last payment came due and the credit card listed had been cancelled by us due to fraud their past due reminder was polite with no threats. Customer Service contact made it easy and fast to get more
Chip Wolfer
19:55 14 Feb 19
So far i am pleased with the Bay Alarm system. My wife and niece checked the signal at several locations on our 1.5 acre property. The signal was successful at all the locations. I feel safe that the system, will be a great comfort to all 6 of my siblings. My parents are 88 and 90 years old and have recently become dependent on their 7 children.This system allows them some freedom from having someone there every second of the more
Wilber Heslep
03:14 21 Feb 19
First of all, I have contacted Bay Alarm Medical twice and each time, the representative was courteous, took time with me, and answered all my questions. Ordering the appropriate system for me was easy. It arrived promptly. I was able to set it up and test it without problems. So far, everything has been a breeze. Thanks, Bay more
Lorie Smith
12:13 20 Feb 19
I bought this device for my mom after her stroke, I feel at piece knowing help is a push of the button away. She fortunately doesn't need it anymore, I went to cancel and you have to have it postmarked by the due date or will be billed again. My mom lives and hour away and being winter, she had a State emergency in her town, they closed 35W a major highway between us down and called in the National Guards, I told them I would be happy to pay for an extra month and they just extended the date due by two weeks at no additional charge. Very happy! If we need another in the future I would definitely be going back to Bay Alarms. Very more
Melissa Sandback
00:43 28 Feb 19
01:28 01 Mar 19
I called Bay Medical to find out about changing my service from using a land line phone to a cell phone. I wasn’t sure if they did that but your people were most helpful. He explained the process and price as well as how the cell issues can affect the lines. I was very pleased with the help and told them i wold get back to them after I did some looking into making that kind of change.All of your people that respond to my “button call” monthly are very pleasant and helpful.. I’m very happy with your service.Pat Lewisread more
Patsy Lewis
01:18 07 Mar 19
Bay Alarm Medical is very responsive and an easy company to work with.Have now been using them for over a year and have had no problems. They are very polite even when my sister trips her alarm by accident. Reasonable prices good service. Recommend without more
Mark Becker
01:21 08 Mar 19
We received our device yesterday and it was very easy to setup and test. It worked well and the response time was impressive. We were talking to a rep within 30 seconds! Then I called because I was concerned about my own phone blocking or mislabeling any calls from their control center in case my mom had an emergency. They gave me the number that would appear on my caller-id so that I could add it to my contacts and mark as important so that it would not get blocked. Phew! Any phone contact that I have had with their customer service has been very helpful and more
Donna Abrams
11:46 15 Mar 19
I got this service for my mom who is in her eighties and living at home. It brought such peace of mind. There were several instances where she slid onto the floor and was unable to get up. Each time this service responded promptly and sent help out to her. They were also very good at contacting me to let me know what had happened. Totally worth the money. Highly more
Klara East
06:54 15 Mar 19
Bay Alarm is fabulous. The woman on the phone when I first called to inquire about the system was extremely kind and helpful. I love that I can cover both parents with the same devices and I can get as many devices to put around the house as they want. When the equipment arrived, all we had to do was plug it in and push the button to test it. Couldn't have been easier! The operator responded in 4 seconds and had at his fingertips both my parents' information. I feel confident my parents have the tools they need in an emergency. No need for them to worry about whether or not they are near their phones and no fumbling around trying to figure out how to make a phone call in a panic - just push a button and they're good to go. Literally, this could not have been easier. Add in the extremely reasonable price per month and Bay Alarm simply cannot be beat!read more
16:31 21 Mar 19
I had to change credit card numbers with Bay Alarm and the person who helped me was efficient and very helpful. She listened to my story about my stolen wallet and was very empathetic. She immediately did her job of changing the card number and then she did a minute charge to check to make sure that the card was functioning properly. That was impressive to me. Thank you for the excellent more
Sara Simpson
14:59 26 Mar 19
This company has always been very helpful and quick to answer any questions. It is comforting to know that my Mom can alert me with just the push of a button if she has a problem. I picked Bay Alarm because they had the best rating of any alarm companies that I researched. I used them for about a year now and am pleased with their more
Brenda Valentine
16:06 06 Apr 19
Best medical alert system out there. We finally have peace of mind with my mother living alone. Golly, did we need it; an answer to our prayers. The system is easy to use, easy to install, and the staff is helpful, patient, and knowledgeable. My mom, who is hard of hearing, can understand them perfectly. She has more confidence knowing someone is there for her 24/7. Thank you, Bay more
Karen Chapman
00:23 08 Apr 19
Thus far we as a family are very happy with Mr. Robert's Bay Alarm Medical personal life alert system. It is a bit sensitive, but we are happy we made this choice. Better to have a false alarm than no alarm at all. As well, the customer service department has always been very helpful, just as was the sales staff in determining what system we needed. Thanks for giving us some peace of mind in Mr. Robert's more
Tracy Grimes Watson
20:02 08 Apr 19
My total experience with Bay Alarm Medical from beginning to end was wonderful. They were SO pleasant and helpful from the first time I called to inquire about their system and even asked questions which I had not thought of to help me determine the best options for my 98 year old father. Did not try to oversell me! The cost was inexpensive compared to others and had more to offer. The product was received promptly and the instructions were easy to understand (especially for someone as technologically challenged as I am!). Having this system definitely gave us peace of mind whenever Dad was alone. True to their word, since we did not need the system the entire time period which we had paid for, they promptly reimbursed us the balance as soon as they received the returned system. I highly recommend them!!! Thank you for your awesome service! Delores Minnixread more
Freddie Minnix
00:46 09 Apr 19
I was happy with the services of Bay Alarm Medical for my mother. The alert personnel were very friendly, kind and professional when dealing with my mom when she would inadvertently press her alert button. I felt very happy they provided my family with a sense of security that mom was never alone if an she needed medical care. Fully recommend this more
Trish Cook
14:47 26 Apr 19
I called Bay Alarm and told them that I was going to test my unit. The person I spoke to was very helpful. I pushed the need help and within 15 seconds some one was on the line to help. I told the operator what I was doing and she asked me a few questions and that was it. Success! The person I spoke to when I made the first call called me to let me know everything went well. I like Bay Alarm. Thank you,read more
Irene Gerbrick
00:38 30 Apr 19
The Bay Alarm system we set up for my Friend worked precisely as they indicated. He is 100 years old and has taken several falls and in eachincident Bay Alarm has responded quickly, patiently and with professionalism. Contacts were notified first in each case and were ableto get him back in his chair or on his feet again. You cannot measure the comfort level Bay Alarm gives us knowing they are our back up.. Our deepest appreciation to everyone at B more
Thom Kearney
14:17 10 May 19
I am very impressed with Bay Alarm Medical. Today I was hooking up my medical alert system for the first time and had the opportunity to see how fast they work in an emergency. I was just testing it and somehow it wasn't known I was testing it. They called me on my phone and I didn't get there in time to answer. I didn't think anything of it until the paramedics came to my door in no time at all. Not only that, several times I had to call Bay Alarm with questions and someone always answered right away and helped me. Unknown to me, about an hour after I thought it was installed correctly I received a call from them telling me my system was indicating low power. It wasn't connected correctly and I didn't know it. I felt as though they were watching over me. Thank you, Bay more
June Eisley
00:23 12 May 19
I pray we never have to use it but this alarm system gives me great peace of mind. Very easy to set up and activate. The test calls were very reassuring to both mom and myself. I would recommend to anyone who has a loved one living alone or at fall more
Kim Walker
16:18 13 May 19
We are impressed so far -- haven't received the equipment but have high hopes. The intake process was smooth and professional. Many necessary topics that we would not have thought of were broached delicately. As first time users, we appreciate more
Susan audap
03:23 19 May 19
We've just gotten started but Bay Alarm Medical has been awesome every step of the way! Helpful people gave us information we needed and guided us to the ordering step. Ordering was easy and even more helpful people made sure we got exactly what we needed. Set-up was simple and even the first call made by a just toddling great-grandson resulted in some laughs when Bay Alarm called to check on our parents. Thanks for making this an easy transition from the difficult decision our family had to more
Kathy Winchell
13:37 24 May 19
Works good. Received the first unit on a Friday and it did not work at all. Called and they sent a replacement unit that I received by Monday and it works fine. A nice peace of mind for me and my wife when I am not at home.
wayne barnekow
13:40 23 May 19
It was very easy to order my dad's Bay Alarm Medical system online. It walked you through step by step. There was great communication through email as to when it was shipped and when Bay Alarm received our paperwork and that it was ok to set up and send a "test" call. When setting the system up, being very sensitive, there were a few "test" calls that went through. The operator on the other end of the system was very patient. We have had a great experience so far. Thank you so much! :)read more
Martha Berger
21:56 31 May 19
I advised the representative of the death of my parents (they passed only 2 weeks apart from each other). He was very compassionate and helpful. He explained the procedure for powering down the unit in a very clear and thorough way. He explained how to return the unit and the cut off date of the postmark to avoid being billed for the next billing cycle. He made me very comfortable in handling yet another "to do" item that is required upon our family's more
Sylvia Arambula
02:06 06 Jun 19
Best customer service and attention to clients!Follow up after using Bay Alarm Medical for both my mother and mother-in-law for over 5 years...The service has been literally life saving and is the most dependable with the absolute best customer service. I highly recommend Bay Alarm to all my friends who are looking into a medical alarm system. We used another well advertised company before this and there is NO comparison in cost, ease of beginning and ending service, dependability and customer more
Carolyn Myres
16:48 11 Jun 19
I advised the representative of the death of my parents (they passed only 2 weeks apart from each other). He was very compassionate and helpful. He explained the procedure for powering down the unit in a very clear and thorough way. He explained how to return the unit and the cut off date of the postmark to avoid being billed for the next billing cycle. He made me very comfortable in handling yet another "to do" item that is required upon our family's more
Sylvia Arambula
05:20 12 Jun 19
I found that the people who work for Bay Medical are very well informed and polite . And are very willing to help with the product. I also see that Bay Medical handles putting the info required by the individual into their computers quickly.. I view that part to be important.DATE : 6/13/2019When I tested the Unit. The response was quick. I was very impressed with the people who called on the unit. I refer this company to other people who are looking for such an item. Bruce Plizakread more
Bruce Plizak
18:47 13 Jun 19
Unit for my Mom:During my first test call I was having a serious static interference problem with the base unit. I could not hear a word that the operator was saying so I had to reset the unit mid-call. The operator immediately called back on the landline to determine if my mom was experiencing and actual emergency. After I explained the static problem he transferred me to tech support after making sure he had my number to call in case we were cut off. It gets better. The Gentleman in tech support took me through no less than 4 tests in order to solve the problem. He reached out to another technical division and quickly returned with a solution. He was professional, polite, knowledgeable and patient. Rarely do I experience such exceptional customer service. Well done!C.M.Sanford, MEread more
Chris M
18:14 20 Jun 19
Website is very customer-friendly & price for monthly service is the best! Like everyone else, upcharges for added features can send your fee right up there, but if it is something needed, the cost is nothing. For any question, give them a call. Everyone I have spoken with is extremely friendly, knowledgeable about their products, super helpful!!read more
Sher Lynn
18:04 28 Jun 19
We got this system for my mother in law to use and have been very impressed with the representatives that we have spoken with on two different occasions. They were very willing to walk us through the set up . process and answer our questions. An email was sent to us detailing step by step what we needed to do. Quick shipping of the unit to us and a very quick voice response when we set the unit up to test. So far, so good!read more
Margaret Taylor
18:38 05 Jul 19
Julia Arnold was very helpful and patient in answering all my questions about Bay Alarm Medical's products, services and fees. Julia helped me identify their GPS service to cover my needs. I placed my order on a Friday and received my equipment on the following Wednesday and had the system up and tested on Thursday the next day. I received all the proper equipment and their customer support personnel were very courteous and helpful in verifying my access to their service. Initialization instructions were very easy to follow. I rate Bay Alarm Medical as a 5 star company!!!read more
Gregory Horn
21:52 05 Jul 19
Have been a customer for over 1 year and they just sent me an upgraded unit. Someone installed it for me but neglected to disengage the old unit.Called customer service and got a great technician named Aron. With much patience and diligence he walked me through disconnecting the old unit and setting up the new one. While testing every operator did a fantastic job of making sure I was not in the middle of an emergency.. Overall a great company with excellent customer more
Bernadette Fritz
00:14 04 Jul 19
I really appreciate Bay Medical. My father was still staying at home but our family wanted the peace of mind-if in an emergency, our father would be able to get in touch with someone in an emergency situation without using the phone. That's where Bay Medical came in. My father was able to wear a monitor with push button. We never had to use it, thank goodness. We tested it on a regular basis to make sure everything was working well and it did. Customer service was awesome and easy to communicate with. I would highly recommend BAY MEDICAL!read more
Dianne Koelzer
16:53 12 Jul 19
I’ve only had this alarm for less than a day. I can attest to the fact that the customer service was great in setting up the system. Aaron was extremely knowledgeable and patient with me, a non tech person. Very much appreciated.!!!read more
Sara Bauer
20:02 18 Jul 19
Jessica in customer service was extremely polite and helpful in updating our account information. Before I even heard a voice on the other end, my call got disconnected. When I attempted to call back, she was already calling me! Bay Alarm has been great for my 84 year old mother. We all sleep better knowing that help is only a push of one button more
Linda Duffy
15:57 23 Jul 19
Just set Mom up with Bay. Minor technical issue on setup. Customer Service was superb, issue resolved quickly, and Mom is wired in now. Monitoring Center equally superb (spoke with them twice during the set up tests), amazingly quick and responsive. Very very pleased thus far with Bay!!!read more
21:32 02 Aug 19
Bay Area Medical Alarm gives us the peace of mind about our mother. She is independent and lives alone, but has the typical age-related problems all people have in their late 80s. They are always available to answer questions and respond to our needs. Great outfit!read more
M Tart
02:41 04 Aug 19