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When seconds matter, Bay Alarm Medical delivers.

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Need help? Push your emergency medical alert button and remain calm. Help is on the way!

We Answer

A trained, 24/7 live operator will speak to you over the console and make sure you're taken care of.

We Respond

We'll contact friends, family, neighbors, and if necessary, your local 911 emergency services.

Jim T. Miller, NBC Today contributor and creator of, demonstrates how to use Bay Alarm Medical’s medical alert system, pricing options, and the importance of why every senior should have one in the home.

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Don’t sacrifice style for safety. Designed exclusively for our standard necklace-style help buttons. Easily interchangeable and handcrafted in the USA.

Voted Best Medical Alert
Provider of 2020
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4,306 reviews

Bay Alarm Medical offered us many more years of independent living for my mother in her life. The confidence and assurance it gave her to have them available at the push of a button allowed her to sleep better and live her life more fully in her condo. Today we part ways with Bay Alarm Medical after 5 and a half years as we move her to her next life in a place where she can have help more readily available that provides this service as part of their housing area. Thank you Bay Alarm Medical for your great staff and comfortable caring service even when I called to cancel service. Always professional and quality support! I will continue to recommend you to others and would quickly choose to start service again if the need should arrive again in our family.

- Kevin Bailey

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In-Home Medical Alert

From $19.95/mo

Our most popular medical alert system for seniors. Get 24/7 help at the push of a button. Available with Automatic Fall Detection and AT&T 4G LTE for homes without a landline . Made and monitored in the USA.

On the Go Help Button

From $24.95/mo

Stay protected while out and about. We'll dispatch local EMS to your location in case of an emergency. Features 4G LTE for fast response times. Made and monitored in the USA.

In-Car Medical Alert

From $29.95/mo

Plugs into your vehicle's 12v socket. Get automatic crash detection, location tracking, and 2-way communication to our monitoring center. Made and monitored in the USA.

Bundle Packages

From $39.95/mo

Save money when you bundle any of our mobile devices with an in-home medical alert system. Widen your safety net and be covered both in and away from the home.

3 Redundant Call Centers

Even our backups have backups.

Monitored in the USA for Maximum Reliability

A medical alert system is only as good as the 24/7 emergency call center that backs it up. Bay Alarm Medical works closely with our USA-based monitoring partner to create a network of highly reliable emergency response centers. Located in Ogden, Utah and Rexburg, Idaho, the two state-of-the-art centers are full duplicates of each other. If one station were to ever go offline, the other station would provide immediate emergency coverage.

Certified & Accredited

logo-csaaBoth 24/7 emergency medical monitoring centers are CSAA Five Diamond Certified and undergo a rigorous certification process annually, commit to tough quality standards, and agree to random inspections by UL, a nationally recognized testing laboratory.

3 Call Stations

Bay Alarm Medical provides consultation, technical support and customer service from our headquarters in California. We keep 24/7 medical monitoring completely separate from our day to day business operations to ensure that all calls are rapidly responded to.

Nationwide Coverage

Service available all across the United States including Alaska & Hawaii.

Our medical alarm system is compatible with most standard phone lines, cable providers (Comcast, Time Warner, Cox, etc.) and VOIP solutions (AT&T, Verizon).

Have questions? Our Care Consultants are ready to help!

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We support over 170 languages to effectively communicate with our non-English or English-as-a-second-language clients!

Popular options include: Spanish, Chinese, Farsi, Vietnamese, & Russian.

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Stylized Safety with Bella Charms™

Don't sacrifice style for safety. Clip a Bella Charm on the back of your help button and be ready for any event. Designed and handcrafted in the USA. Available exclusively for our standard in-home necklace-style buttons.

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Voted Best Medical Alert
Provider of 2020

Google Rating

4,306 reviews

We were notified of a low battery on my mother's pendant. This notification via call to her personal cell phone, her home phone and by email to me (her son). We returned a call to Bay Alarm and were walked through checking the unit, verifying the problem and ordering the replacement while being assured that the unit was fully functioning and would be until we received the replacement unit. My mother lives alone and Bay Alarm has actively cared for her for the last 3 years. She trusts them implicitly and so does her family. Bay Alarm allows all of us to feel comfort and reassurance that she is as safe as possible living alone at age more
Glenn Potter
17:16 19 Mar 20
Customer service as been excellent and very patient ansering all my question for a home alert system that I bought for my mother. We have not set up and tested the unit yet but that I am sure will be effortless as the instructions appear to be very clear. Cannot comment on use of the equipment and hopefully will never be able to but the piece of mind that my mother will have this should she need it is priceless. With my experience so far with sales and customer service has been flawless. I would recommend this more
Raymond Bourgeois
23:39 17 Mar 20
Dianna was great. I call about two different issues. First, I had been receiving low battery signals. Dianna explained what was happening and how it could be corrected. She went through the different ways I could get a new pendent at the lest expensive cost. I saved about $50. Secondly, I wanted to change one of the individuals to be contacted before 911 if an incident occurred. No problem at all. She professionally answered a few other questions I had. She is an excellent customer service more
Betty Rigdon
23:32 05 Mar 20
I just purchased my alarm a month ago and like it very much. Have not needed it yet for emergency purpose but did have a question for them and they were very polite, courteous and helpful to me.I have been very happy with my device, have had no issues with it since purchasing it about 6 months ago. I test it every month successfully. Had one question today and it was answered very quickly and professionally. I am very confident of itread more
Pat Santucci
18:40 02 Mar 20
I called customer service the other night to cancel our service. Unfortunately, my husband didn’t comprehend how to use it. The cancellation process went very smoothly. The person I spoke to was very pleasant, understanding and informative. She specifically explained the steps I needed to follow. Her professionalism was of the highest standards and greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for your more
Debbie Cavicchi
14:37 26 Feb 20
Bay Alarm Medical offered us many more years of independent living for my mother in her life. The confidence and assurance it gave her to have them available at the push of a button allowed her to sleep better and live her life more fully in her condo. Today we part ways with Bay Alarm Medical after 5 and a half years as we move her to her next life in a place where she can have help more readily available that provides this service as part of their housing area. Thank you Bay Alarm Medical for your great staff and comfortable caring service even when I called to cancel service. Always professional and quality support! I will continue to recommend you to others and would quickly choose to start service again if the need should arrive again in our more
Kevin Bailey
00:44 18 Jan 20
I bought Bay Alarm Medical for my 86 year old mother who was living alone. It was comforting knowing that there was someone there to help her at the push of a button. She used it when she fell and broke her hip. We're very grateful to Bay Alarm Medical for helping her when she fell. Bay Alarm Medical was always picked up right away whenever we tested the unit and when it was used for an actual emergency. Easy setup and ease of use. I would highly recommend. The only reason why I cancelled is that my mother moved into assisted living where they have there own more
Joe Sindoni
04:25 16 Jan 20
I ordered Bay Alarm Medical for my Mom for Christmas. She refused to use it so I called the company to tell them I would have to return it. I think the young man I spoke with was named John. He was so very helpful and had a genuinely kind voice. I hated to return the system but was made to feel better while speaking with him. I know this is a job for him, but it was personal for me, and he made me believe his kindness towards me was personal to him as well. Thank you to this wonderful human being who respects others while taking his job seriously. 5 stars!read more
Dawn Slaton
17:52 10 Jan 20
My customer service rep was wonderful. Very kind, professional and helpful. She explained the process of getting the lanyard with the Bella charm and how the return would be made with the wristband...when to expect the lanyard and what to do when I received it. Very thorough.I even commented that everyone I had dealt with from Bay Alarm Medical seemed like they had gone through a”Disney Training”. Very rarely is everyone to helpful.Thank youread more
Terry Thompson
02:46 10 Jan 20
The represent was very patient, clear speaking and had a sense of humor to go along with mine. He was wonderful to answer all of my questions and stayed on the phone while we also tested the base into. Very professional and personal. Thank you!read more
Donna Henderson
01:34 31 Dec 19
Needed to get an alert service for my 85 yr old Mother. With so many to choose from, I was happy to see the high ratings for Bay Alarm Medical. They have been true to their reviews! Always answered proptly with any tests we ran on the equipment and customer service has always been pleasant, helpful and responsive. The plus for my Mom was that the alert device, whether on the wrist or around the neck, was small and easy for her to use. Will recommend Bay Alarm Medical very more
Business Manager
20:52 20 Dec 19
Two Bay Alarm representatives walked me through the trial plan application, both were helpful. After reviewing my first choice of plans I decided to make a change and called a second time. Adina the second rep helped me make the change to my plan explaining every detail of the cost differences and the new options in the revised plan. If the service of the equipment is as good as your representatives I expect to be very more
Angelo Mone
22:25 09 Dec 19
Talked with Julia today - terrific experience! She helped me understand what I did and didn't need, and she clarified the fact that the basic need - which was also the least expensive - fit my profile. Speaking with her was much more helpful than simply filling out an online form. Julie was patient, thorough, and answered m questions perfectly. I ended up placing an order, and love the fact that I can return the product within 30 days, if it doesn't end up being right for me. However, I am confident that it will be. Thank you Bay Alarm Medical for your values and more
Holly Suhi
00:48 22 Nov 19
Vanessa was the rep who assisted me with the activation. Vanessa was clear with her directions and explanations. Once the first test was completed, it was apparent the connection was poor but Vanessa was able to troubleshoot the issue and found a solution. Thank you for providing this service and help provide a small piece of more
Lanette Whiteley
19:48 19 Nov 19
Every time I have called Bay Medical for help, the response has been pleasant and professional. I never hesitate to call because I have always received such care and today was no exception. Shawn called me back because the wait time was long and helped me test our system staying with us through the entire process explaining what to expect. True customer service!!! Pleasant voice with a great helpful attitude! Excellent service! Thank you Bay Medical!read more
Lesia Woodson
18:34 15 Nov 19
Called to verify activation information for my Mother's account. The call volume was high so I elected to go with call back. They called back shortly after and I was able to clarify the information I needed. the representative was very helpful, courteous, and professional. So far everyone I have dealt with at Bay Alarm have been more
Mike Savage
22:18 13 Nov 19
Had to have my original device replaced. That was done very quickly. Had a little bit of a problem setting it up. Called and the tech person did an excellent job leading me through the set up process. We tested it. Everything works great. Very satisfied with the service I received. Thank you very more
Janice Croft
20:55 07 Nov 19
Bay Alarm representative Rachelle was very helpful. She was very patient and understanding of my situation. Every question I had, she able to answer clearly. In the end, I was able to purchase the Bay Alarm Medical system for my 94 year old Aunt. I am looking forward to getting the unit installed and working for more
toni thomas
00:29 07 Nov 19
I just want to take a second to recognize a well organized and very efficient company. I'm so grateful to all of the customer service representatives and staff. Your prompt response times and care for the person on the other end of the phone is greatly appreciated. You helped save a very special loved one from congestive heart failure. Keep doing what your doing. Shaun, I don't know your last name but "kudos " and thank you for your time and patience. Sincerely, Danielle Terry and Angelo Polaccoread more
Danielle Terry
12:15 31 Oct 19
I thought Bay Alarm was a good enough company until I tried to cancel a fully paid up account when my Mother moved into assisted living. They say they have no cancellation fees but they make the process very inconvenient which amounts to a fee because you end up continuing to pay while they make the process hard. You can’t just send the unit back and stop paying either because they turn you over to collection even when you clearly have attempted to cancel. I will not use them in the future because of the difficulty in cancelling when the time more
Lisa Sooter
01:09 22 Oct 19
I called in the evening to change my address. I waited for a long time and so I thought I would have better luck if I called in the morning hours. The same thing. They gave an option that they would call me back if I left my number. I don't like to do that because I don't know if I will be available when they call back. I finally got a representative to answer my call. He was very nice and I got my address changed in their system. He even had me push the help button so he could check to see if the change of address went through. After that he had me go to different rooms in the house to make sure I didn't have any dead spots and could alert from every room. He was very nice. It is just the waiting so long no matter what time you call. They need to hire more more
Beverly Dorrian
14:21 17 Oct 19
So far I've only ordered on the phone and it was super pleasant. In the two weeks since I looked at their Company online they have aggressively advertised to me and the very pleasant representative sealed the deal with me. I will update after delivery and set-up.UPDATEThis alarm saved my moms life more than once! Quick caring response from monitors to get help out to my mom in a hurry.Worth every more
Lori Posner
01:10 16 Oct 19
We installed the Bay Alarm system for my mom yesterday. It was very easy to set up and we were very impressed with the staff (who promptly answered our calls). We tested the system from multiple locations in the home and each time we tested the various buttons, a Bay Alarm employee answered our test calls with efficiency, courtesy, patience and kindness. We feel much more secure now that the system is set up, and we are more confident in my mom's ability to live independently with the Bay Alarm people just a touch of a button away. Thank you Bay Alarm, for a quality product and a great customer more
Kathy Wall
17:24 15 Oct 19
So far, so good. Although my mom lives in NJ and Bay Alarm is Located in California, it doesn’t seem to be a problem. The few times that she has pressed her alarm button, the representatives were extremely helpful and help was on its way. So here’s to hoping that Bay Alarm continues to be competent. We are very happy with their more
Barbara O'Brien
17:02 11 Oct 19
We had a great experience with Bay Alarm Medical Company. It offered my Mother and our entire family a sense of security and peace of mind knowing that Bay Alarm would have someone there to take care of Mom and any medical emergency that might have come up. Working with their Customer Service Department was always easy, a pleasure and sometimes even fun! Thank you all for what you do!read more
Laura Osman
23:28 09 Oct 19
From start to finish Bay Medical and all of it's associates have been fantastic. Ordering was simple and easy. Testing was easy and associates always so friendly. Unfortunately we no longer need their services and the return process and termination process was once again courteous friendly and more
Karen Palaia
23:10 02 Oct 19
Bay Alarm Medical is an outstanding service and their equipment is top notch. From customer service to responding to emergencies, we were impressed. We looked at many different companies while selecting which medical alert service would be right for my mother in law. The lockbox for emergency responders and the vial of life info were so valuable when needed. I can’t stress enough how important both of those features were for us. Do take the time to write all of your elder prescription info. We received the equipment quickly after we initiated service, had great over-the-phone instructions for setup. All in all, we are very happy we chose this company and strongly recommend them to anyone needing to protect a loved more
Thomas Beckett-Maines
00:35 11 Sep 19
Excellent customer service at all levels, including John today. All representatives have been professional, courteous and easy to understand. Equipment works well and help was summoned quickly for my dad's medical emergency. Highly recommend this company. Great value!read more
Pamela Ajluni
21:33 10 Sep 19
Bay Alarm is the best medical alarm company. No high pressure sales tactics. Always professional and courteous representatives. Fortunately I've only had to make test calls but they have always answered the calls quickly. Be confident that Bay Alarm will be there if you need more
23:46 09 Sep 19
Love Bay Alarm Medical. Customer Service is thoughtful and caring and I feel secure and safe using this service. I couldn't have made a better choice when reviewing alert systems. The price for this service is not outrageous.. Its a fair price for those seniors or others who need this. Customer Service is always wonderful when you need some help with easy set up. Thank you for this service at a great more
16:26 05 Sep 19
My mother has been using Bay Alarm Medical for years and the system has been a lifesaver, literally. The people at BAM are always helpful when we called to tweak our call list or had questions. They made suggestions and gave us options so we could make informed decisions. The system has worked perfectly. Very good service!read more
Cherry Fuller
02:46 04 Sep 19
Your rep, Rico, was extraordinarily helpful to me, after the first two reps I spoke with gave me incorrect information. He explained every step we would follow, so that I knew where we were headed. Rico stayed with me on the phone as I tested 27 locations in and about my house to see if the the pendant alarm reached each location. It did. Rico is the kind of employee who represents the best side of a company. Many thanks for his more
22:21 31 Aug 19
Bay Alarm Medical has been such a good positive experience. Thank goodness we haven't need their services in an emergent type of situation, but working with them has been a breeze. Love their systematic way of communicating. Quickly found out that the billing method on file had expired. Called up and Jessica helped me very seamlessly. Asked the needed questions quickly and efficiently, was very kind and cordial and professional, as more
Claudette Pacheco
23:47 29 Aug 19
I have been treated with courtesy and patience [ being sadly short of any technological ability] right from the beginning. I'm impressed with how very nice and helpful everyone I've spoken with. The device is just the right size and shape. It's been tested and works perfectly! Thank you so more
Jackie Doyle
23:19 29 Aug 19
I got all confused trying to sign another cell phone into the Caregiver app. Valentino did a fabulous job with helping me get the account squared away. I'm thinking that this service is mostly helping seniors like myself to track their even MORE senior parents! So the customer service representatives need a LOT of patience, but Valentino helped me to get everything set up on the cell phone and waited while I documented my info so I wouldn't forget. Kudos to you folks!read more
Mascha Fujimoto
16:31 22 Aug 19
Just moved mom from SF to CT and could not be happier with the service! Valentino helped me set up the devise with ease. He was patient, kind, and engaging, asking about our trip. He walked me through everything and encouraged me to call as often as I'd like. Best. Customer. Service. Ever! Highly more
00:47 19 Aug 19
policies enforced during cancellation process only favor the company and offer no consideration of the customer. I notified the company about cancellation and reason for it. Later I received email from company with instructions to return hardware. I expected this email, was surprised it took several days to arrive and was not prepared to deal with it while the actual move was in-progress. I was surprised that I would continue to be billed monthly for the equipment as if I was actually using it during the move process. Therefore, I was paying my monthly charge for no benefit to me. I was also informed I would continue to be charged my monthly fee until the equipment was received at your California office. I did not have the time during the actual move to box up the equipment and take it to a shipping store while I was trying to get moved to a new location. Also, do you know how long it takes most shipments to reach your California office - - why am I being charged my monthly rate for transit time - - obviously, I was not using the equipment during that time, and therefore again, you collected money from me when there was no benefit to me, the customer. You were collecting money from me for no service or assistance. I don't think that is right. I will never recommend your company's services to others, regardless of how good it was, because of this customer-adverse, customer-held-hostage policy. Right now, I am wondering why I initially chose Bay Alarm Medical for the services I needed and was looking for. I certainly will investigate using the services of another company before I would enter into another agreement with Bay Alarm Medical. Thank you for listening to my more
David Miller
00:01 13 Aug 19
Bay Area Medical Alarm gives us the peace of mind about our mother. She is independent and lives alone, but has the typical age-related problems all people have in their late 80s. They are always available to answer questions and respond to our needs. Great outfit!read more
M Tart
02:41 04 Aug 19
Just set Mom up with Bay. Minor technical issue on setup. Customer Service was superb, issue resolved quickly, and Mom is wired in now. Monitoring Center equally superb (spoke with them twice during the set up tests), amazingly quick and responsive. Very very pleased thus far with Bay!!!read more
21:32 02 Aug 19
Jessica in customer service was extremely polite and helpful in updating our account information. Before I even heard a voice on the other end, my call got disconnected. When I attempted to call back, she was already calling me! Bay Alarm has been great for my 84 year old mother. We all sleep better knowing that help is only a push of one button more
Linda Duffy
15:57 23 Jul 19
I’ve only had this alarm for less than a day. I can attest to the fact that the customer service was great in setting up the system. Aaron was extremely knowledgeable and patient with me, a non tech person. Very much appreciated.!!!read more
Sara Bauer
20:02 18 Jul 19
I really appreciate Bay Medical. My father was still staying at home but our family wanted the peace of mind-if in an emergency, our father would be able to get in touch with someone in an emergency situation without using the phone. That's where Bay Medical came in. My father was able to wear a monitor with push button. We never had to use it, thank goodness. We tested it on a regular basis to make sure everything was working well and it did. Customer service was awesome and easy to communicate with. I would highly recommend BAY MEDICAL!read more
Dianne Koelzer
16:53 12 Jul 19
Julia Arnold was very helpful and patient in answering all my questions about Bay Alarm Medical's products, services and fees. Julia helped me identify their GPS service to cover my needs. I placed my order on a Friday and received my equipment on the following Wednesday and had the system up and tested on Thursday the next day. I received all the proper equipment and their customer support personnel were very courteous and helpful in verifying my access to their service. Initialization instructions were very easy to follow. I rate Bay Alarm Medical as a 5 star company!!!read more
Gregory Horn
21:52 05 Jul 19
We got this system for my mother in law to use and have been very impressed with the representatives that we have spoken with on two different occasions. They were very willing to walk us through the set up . process and answer our questions. An email was sent to us detailing step by step what we needed to do. Quick shipping of the unit to us and a very quick voice response when we set the unit up to test. So far, so good!read more
Margaret Taylor
18:38 05 Jul 19
Have been a customer for over 1 year and they just sent me an upgraded unit. Someone installed it for me but neglected to disengage the old unit.Called customer service and got a great technician named Aron. With much patience and diligence he walked me through disconnecting the old unit and setting up the new one. While testing every operator did a fantastic job of making sure I was not in the middle of an emergency.. Overall a great company with excellent customer more
Bernadette Fritz
00:14 04 Jul 19
Thanks for your courtesy, I had to suspend my service temporarily and was treated very well.It was greatly appreciated.I have to withdraw my favorable Bay Alarm withdrew their offer.They will no longer allow me to temporarily suspend my service while I am recuperating in a convalescent facility. I will have to continue to pay the monthly fee even though I am not using their service.The alternative would be to permanently discontinue the service and return the equipment (which would be difficult in my present situation).So change my 5 star rating to more
Joan Harvey
23:32 28 Jun 19
Website is very customer-friendly & price for monthly service is the best! Like everyone else, upcharges for added features can send your fee right up there, but if it is something needed, the cost is nothing. For any question, give them a call. Everyone I have spoken with is extremely friendly, knowledgeable about their products, super helpful!!read more
Sher Lynn
18:04 28 Jun 19
Unit for my Mom:During my first test call I was having a serious static interference problem with the base unit. I could not hear a word that the operator was saying so I had to reset the unit mid-call. The operator immediately called back on the landline to determine if my mom was experiencing and actual emergency. After I explained the static problem he transferred me to tech support after making sure he had my number to call in case we were cut off. It gets better. The Gentleman in tech support took me through no less than 4 tests in order to solve the problem. He reached out to another technical division and quickly returned with a solution. He was professional, polite, knowledgeable and patient. Rarely do I experience such exceptional customer service. Well done!C.M.Sanford, MEread more
Chris M
18:14 20 Jun 19
I found that the people who work for Bay Medical are very well informed and polite . And are very willing to help with the product. I also see that Bay Medical handles putting the info required by the individual into their computers quickly.. I view that part to be important.DATE : 6/13/2019When I tested the Unit. The response was quick. I was very impressed with the people who called on the unit. I refer this company to other people who are looking for such an item. Bruce Plizakread more
Bruce Plizak
18:47 13 Jun 19
I advised the representative of the death of my parents (they passed only 2 weeks apart from each other). He was very compassionate and helpful. He explained the procedure for powering down the unit in a very clear and thorough way. He explained how to return the unit and the cut off date of the postmark to avoid being billed for the next billing cycle. He made me very comfortable in handling yet another "to do" item that is required upon our family's more
Sylvia Arambula
05:20 12 Jun 19
Best customer service and attention to clients!Follow up after using Bay Alarm Medical for both my mother and mother-in-law for over 5 years...The service has been literally life saving and is the most dependable with the absolute best customer service. I highly recommend Bay Alarm to all my friends who are looking into a medical alarm system. We used another well advertised company before this and there is NO comparison in cost, ease of beginning and ending service, dependability and customer more
Carolyn Myres
16:48 11 Jun 19
I advised the representative of the death of my parents (they passed only 2 weeks apart from each other). He was very compassionate and helpful. He explained the procedure for powering down the unit in a very clear and thorough way. He explained how to return the unit and the cut off date of the postmark to avoid being billed for the next billing cycle. He made me very comfortable in handling yet another "to do" item that is required upon our family's more
Sylvia Arambula
02:06 06 Jun 19
It was very easy to order my dad's Bay Alarm Medical system online. It walked you through step by step. There was great communication through email as to when it was shipped and when Bay Alarm received our paperwork and that it was ok to set up and send a "test" call. When setting the system up, being very sensitive, there were a few "test" calls that went through. The operator on the other end of the system was very patient. We have had a great experience so far. Thank you so much! :)read more
Martha Berger
21:56 31 May 19