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How It Works

Trained Professionals at Your Fingertips

1. Push Button

Push the button on your mobile device and remain calm. Help is on the way!

2. We Answer

Our operators will initiate two-way communication, track your location, and make sure you're taken care of.

3. We Respond

We'll contact friends, family, neighbors, and if necessary, send local 911 emergency services to your location.

Made for Mobility

Ultra-Compact & Lightweight

in-home device
4G LTE Connectivity

Get the best coverage and fastest connection speeds. Our mobile GPS devices are built on a 4G LTE network.

IPX6 Water Resistant

Whether you’re in the shower or in the rain, this device will withstand most wet environments.

Auto Fall Detection (optional)

Automatically detects a fall and connects with our 24/7 monitoring station without needing to push a button.

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Available with AT&T or Verizon Network Coverage

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Powered by 4G LTE

The SOS Mobile Mini is powered by 4G LTE to keep your loved one safe and connected, no matter where they go.

4G LTE provides better coverage, faster response times, and pinpoint accurate location tracking. Each device already comes activated with either an AT&T or Verizon SIM card, depending on the best network coverage in your area.

Get Started network map

Not sure how strong the cellular coverage is in your area? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I call for help?

In the event of an emergency, press the middle help button one time. The device will light up and you will hear a voice message and the device connecting.

If you have the Fall Detection feature, your device may go off after the fall depending on the impact of the fall. If you are conscious, we always advise to press the help button, even if you have fall detection.

Once connected, one of our trained emergency operators will come over the two-way speaker to check your status. You can request emergency services or for them to contact a member of your emergency list to come help you.

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Why can't I just use my cellphone to call for help?

Every second matters after a fall. Cellphones and smartphones are usually tucked away in a pocket, purse, or require multiple steps just to make a phone call.

Our SOS Mobile GPS Device has a simple push-button that will immediately connect you to our USA-based emergency monitoring center.

If you rely on a cellphone while you are out, how will you get up to check the street you're on? What happens if you are too disoriented to speak? The SOS Mobile GPS Device is equipped with GPS Location Tracking, so our operator can quickly find your location. If they cannot hear you or establish communication after an emergency call, they will treat it as an emergency and send help to your location.

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Will I receive a separate bill from AT&T, Verizon, etc.?

Cellular services are included within the monthly subscription fee and all billing will be done through Bay Alarm Medical. You will not receive separate bills from any cellular providers.

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Can I use the SOS Mobile Mini if I have a pacemaker?

Unlike other mobile GPS devices, our Mobile Mini does NOT have a magnet. Note: Individuals with pacemakers should consult their physician and review their pacemaker materials regarding interaction with cell phones, and take the same precautions the materials recommend for this device.

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Does Bay Alarm Medical offer service in my area?

Bay Alarm Medical provides full services nationwide. Take the SOS Mobile GPS with you while visiting the grandkids and you will be covered! Please note: Our services do not cover international travel.

Not Just for Seniors

Our Mobile GPS Help Button offers 24/7 push-button help when you're away from home.

faq icon Perfect For Any Family Member

The easy-to-use device can protect everyone you love – from your child that walks home after school to aging parents who want to remain active and independent.

faq icon Children

As a parent, you’ll never stop worrying about your kids, especially if they travel alone to and from school. Arm them with a device that they can use to get help with the ability for you to monitor and track.

faq icon Teenagers

A growing teenager doesn’t have to mean growing worries for a parent. With 24/7 push button help and device tracking, rest assured your young adult will be protected wherever they go.

faq icon Working Professionals

There’s no question that some professions are inherently more dangerous than others. Protect your lone worker and give them the gift of immediate emergency help at the push of a button. No matter the situation, we’ll be by their side.

Caregiver Tracking App

Pinpoint-Accurate Device Location Tracking

Check in on mom’s current location in real-time, access her location history, and get notified if battery levels are low.

Caregiver Tracking is included in Preferred and Premium Packages.

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App Features:

4G LTE Tracking

Battery Notifications

Multiple Devices






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