Bay Alarm Medical App

We’ve made managing your Bay Alarm Medical experience even easier. Check & update your account information without the hassle of calling in.

Included FREE with all subscriptions

Manage Your Account

Keep track of your loved one’s account & safety.

Account Status & History

Manage your loved ones account status, purchase history, and more!

Maintain Safety Plan

Keep your loved ones safety plan up to date. Make changes to emergency contacts and home entry information.

Caregiver Tracking

Utilize the Caregiver Tracking feature for added peace of mind. Pin point mom's location and access device details to keep her safe.

Bay Alarm Medical App Features

Keep mom and dad’s account connected and up to date

App Guide

Check out our online Bay Alarm Medical App Guide to help you get started.

Update Info

Easily update mailing & shipping addresses right through the app.

Make Payments

Use the app to keep your subscription current. Update credit cards and view account status.

Order History

Keep track of previous and current orders.

Caregiver Tracking

Utilize location tracking, battery notifications, and more for added peace of mind. *Available for SOS Mobile & SOS All-in-One device users only


Caregiver Tracking App Features

Pinpoint-Accurate Device Location Tracking

Check in on mom’s current location in real-time, access her location history, and get notified if battery levels are low. Caregiver Tracking is featured within Bay Alarm Medical’s Account Manager App and included with all SOS All-In-One Packages.

Download Now network map

Available only for SOS Mobile & SOS All-in-One device users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I download the mobile app?

The Bay Alarm Medical App is optional, but highly recommended. It offers an easier way to keep track of account details and make account changes. Our customer service team is always happy to help by phone, but the app provides simple and quick access without the need to call in. Please note: For the safety and protection of the user, some changes can only be made by phone.

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Who has access to the Bay Alarm Medical mobile app

The Bay Alarm Medical App is available for all active accounts. The account will be created with the email on the account. Currently, access is only granted to one email per account.

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What if I need help logging into my app?

We're happy to help! Check our out Bay Alarm Medical App Help Guide or give us a call at 1-877-522-9633.

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Can I use Caregiver Tracking if my mom has SOS Home?

Currently, Caregiver Tracking features only work with the SOS Mobile & SOS All-in-One device.

Caregiver Tracking for Mobile Users

Caregiver Tracking is featured within the Bay Alarm Medical App and included with all SOS All-In-One and SOS Mobile Packages. 

faq icon Pinpoint Device Location

Access your loved one’s last known location and ping the device. Location data provided by Google Maps.

faq icon Battery Life

Check the device’s connection status and battery life. Get notifications when the device’s battery is low to ensure your loved one charges the device.

faq icon Ring Device

This feature allows the caregiver to ring into the device in the case that the device has been lost/misplaced.




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