How to Cancel Your Bay Alarm Medical Medical Alert Subscription

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Thank you for choosing Bay Alarm Medical as your medical alert provider. If services are no longer needed or you’ve found an alternative plan of care, we’re here to make the cancellation process as simple as possible.

Please read on and follow the steps below:


  1. Cancel Instructions

    Cancels due to death: If you’re cancelling due to the passing of a loved one, it won’t be necessary to contact us. Please follow the automated process steps through the Bay Alarm Medical App or Online Dashboard. Click on the links below to get started.


    For all other cancellation reasons: Please give us a call. A Customer Care Advocate will assist with any service issues, provide proper power down instructions, and go over any remaining details of your account.


  2. Important Details for Cancelling:






    • We will happily refund any service charges that may have occurred during the waiting period of your cancellation process. The refund amount is based on the postmark date of your returned equipment.





  3. Common Questions


    Why Do I Have to Call In to Cancel?

    This is especially important for many reasons, the main one being – for the safety of your loved one. We want to make sure the cancellation is coming from the user and not a family member who is not authorized to make such a decision. Additionally, we want to make sure there aren’t any issues with the account or with the quality of our services.


    Can I Cancel Online?

    At this time, online cancellation is only available for death-related reasons. This can be done on our Online Portal or Bay Alarm Medical App (iOS and Android). Documentation of proof may be required.


    How Long Does the Cancellation Process Take?
    The average cancellation process can take 2-3 weeks. This includes shipment time and processing. If you’re charged during this period, we will automatically issue you a refund when the process is complete.


    Are Return Boxes and Shipping Labels Provided?
    We do not provide return/cancellation boxes or shipping labels. Customers can use any box that the equipment can safely be packaged and shipped. We recommend getting a tracking # upon sending the device back to us.


  4. Please Review These Scenarios Before Cancelling

    If you’re considering cancelling your account due to the following reasons, please read some of the common concerns below:

    Living with Family:

    Living with family members certainly adds a degree of peace of mind, but it doesn’t mean a medical alert will no longer be needed. We often see families cancel because the user is living with a family member, but they realize that family member is not with them 24/7.


    Before canceling, ask yourself:

    • Will my loved one still be left alone when the family member is working or running errands?
    • What about if there is a fall in the bathroom in the middle of the night?
    • Will someone be able to hear if they need help?


    If there’s any period of time where your loved one will be alone in the home, it’s highly recommended that a medical alert stay in place.



    We currently provide service across all 50 states. Give us a call with your new address and we’ll update our records and provide instructions on how to transport your system from the old home to your new location.

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