Dashboard Cancellation Instructions

August 26, 2021

Currently, cancellations can only be made through the Account Manager Dashboard for Passing-Related reasons. For other reasons, please call us at 1-877-522-9633.

Step 1:
Click HERE to access the Account Manger login page. Log into your Account Manager through a webpage on a desktop, tablet, or mobile web.
Dashboard Login

Step 2:
Locate the “Cancellation Request” under the Medical Alert Plan of the User Profile.

Medical Alert Profile

Step 3:
A form should appear requesting the you check the contact info of the account. Provide a phone number to best contact you and a picture of the death certificate (jpeg, pdf, png, etc).
Cancellation Request Form

Step 4:
Once Step 3 is completed, a “Thank you for you request” pop-up. You may exit the form and log out of your account. Your request is received and is now being reviewed. An email should be sent to your account email once the request is reviewed.
Cancellation Request Received

IMPORTANT Details for Cancelling:

  • For In-Home systems, accounts will be cancelled when leased equipment is sent back and inspected. Ship your systems to:
    • Bay Alarm Medical | 1140 Galaxy Way Suite #150 | Concord, CA 94520
  • The device must be properly powered down before shipping it back to us. Failing to do so could damage the unit and signal false alarms to your home.
  • Wearable buttons (wrist, lanyard, auto fall) and Lockboxes only need to be sent back if you are canceling within your 30-day trial period.
  • Obtain a tracking number with proof of Postmarked Date and Return Shipment. Keep this tracking number until cancellation is finalized.
  • We will happily refund any service charges that may have occurred during the waiting period of your cancellation process. The refund amount is based on the postmark date of your returned equipment.
  • A final email confirmation will be sent once the account is fully closed.
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