Ultimate Protection. Ultimate Peace of Mind.

Bundle the In-Home System with our GPS Alert System and save on your monthly price!


Coverage When You're Home and While You're Away

Reliable & Proven Technology. Ultimate Protection

Loud and Clear

The personal emergency alert system’s built-in, high-output speaker and ultra sensitive microphone allows crystal clear 2-way communication during an emergency.

Additionally, the system can be used to answer a phone call. No more rushing to the phone and risking a slip or fall!

Push the Button

Just push the Button and our 24/7 emergency operators will come through the Speaker to check your location and provide the help you need.

The Wall Button

For when you just don’t want to wear a button…

We get it. Sometimes it’s hard to remember to keep your button on, or take it with you to the bathroom in the middle of the night. With or without your button, we want you to feel protected at all times.

Our wall buttons were designed as a safety measure for these situations. Widen your safety net by placing wall buttons low to the ground in the bathroom as well as around your bedroom and stairwell.

Wall Button Features:

  • Ultra lightweight
  • 100% waterproof
  • 5–year battery life
  • Ultra–sticky double–sided tape included with each button

Giving You Confidence and Independence

Monitored in the USA for Maximum Reliability

A medical alert system is only as good as the 24/7 emergency call center that backs it up. Bay Alarm Medical works closely with our USA-based monitoring partner to create a network of highly reliable emergency response centers. Located in Ogden, Utah and Rexburg, Idaho, the two state-of-the-art centers are full duplicates of each other. If one station were to ever go offline, the other station would provide immediate emergency coverage.


Certified & Accredited

Both 24/7 emergency medical monitoring centers are CSAA Five Diamond Certified and undergo a rigorous certification process annually, commit to tough quality standards, and agree to random inspections by UL, a nationally recognized testing laboratory.


3 Call Stations

Bay Alarm Medical provides consultation, technical support and customer service from our headquarters in California. We keep 24/7 medical monitoring completely separate from our day to day business operations to ensure that all calls are rapidly responded to.


For added protection and peace of mind.

Caregiver Tracking

Set up geofencing to get notifications via SMS or email if your loved one leaves the area.

Automatic Fall Detection

Our system is optimized to reduce the amount of false alarms and to trigger high-impact falls.

In-Home Cellular Unit

Designed for residents without a landline phone jack.

Free Monitoring for Spouse

Bay Alarm Medical provides complimentary service for your spouse or an additional family member.

Simply purchase a second pendant and we’ll provide free monitoring for it.

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