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Transportation is caregiver’s “biggest obstacle”

Alzheimer's disease. Helping a parent bathe. Accommodating a senior at home or helping him or her move. None of these problems can even start without ready access to public transportation....

June 7, 2011

Kevin Magna

Alzheimer’s patients find lost memories in painting

At Colorado Alzheimer's, patients have been working on art projects that are a special reflection of themselves....

May 26, 2011

Kevin Magna

Travel can reveal changes in a parent’s health

It can sometimes be difficult to gauge what kind of health changes are occurring in an older parent's life, particularly if families live an airplane flight away. ...

April 28, 2011

Lisa Wurth

Alzheimer’s disease has a voice of its own

Sue Tucker was trying to help care for her mother-in-law, when she had a striking conversation that resonated with her many years later. ...

April 22, 2011

Bryan Aldrige

Caring for Mom and brother on benefits alone

Marilyn Herrin, 68, retired from her job in human resources before she was ready, but the economic downturn left her with few alternatives....

April 11, 2011

Kevin Magna

In Canada, some relief for the sandwich generation in sight

Members of the sandwich generation - family caregivers who are raising children while looking after aging parents - are found in many countries around the globe....

April 8, 2011

Lisa Wurth

Taking a trip with a dementia patient requires extra planning

As the snow finally melts in many parts of the country, retirees are choosing to fly back to their summer homes or move to an even sunnier locale. ...

April 6, 2011

Jasmine Phu

Personal emergency response system may afford caregivers some leisure time

A new study has found that an all-work-and-no-play mentality may lead to serious health consequences and researchers are now emphasizing the importance of leisure time among adults, especial...

February 7, 2011


Medical alert system can help seniors during the winter

Blizzards across the country have left many homes blanketed in snow and ice. These elements can be tripping hazards for everyone, but may present particularly dangerous obstacles to elderly ...

February 4, 2011

Alan Wu

Home medical alert systems may cost less than half as much as nursing homes

Before Sebastian Pagano's son, Anthony, had found a VA program to help with in-home care needs, he had been looking into nursing home options....

January 24, 2011

Lisa Wurth

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