5 signs that a recovering patient may need a medical alert system

Alan Wu

January 13, 2011

When a loved one comes back from the hospital, they may not be able to properly care for themselves while recovering.

Adult children or spouses of a recovering senior may find it difficult to balance their day-to-day life and the care their loved one needs. However, installing one of the many styles of medical alert systems in a home can be extremely beneficial by making sure that patients can instantly send a personal emergency response message if they require assistance.

The Pioneer Press recently suggested that caregivers should watch for these signs to know if a loved one may need a home healthcare solution:

1. An increased number of symptoms.

2. A need for new medications that could result in unexpected side effects.

3. Changes in a patient’s daily activities.

4. An apparent decline in one’s clinical status.

5. Patient needs assistance in doing everyday tasks due to cognitive impairment or a lack of mobility.

The news source also suggests that in-home healthcare aides could be helpful in facilitating a patient’s recovery and making sure that they are safe. An occupational or physical therapist may also help an individual recover their former physical abilities.

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