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Identify signs of a stroke

Strokes can happen at any time, but many times victims may not know the signs. It can be very beneficial to be able to correctly identify the symptoms, especially in an emergency. ...

May 3, 2011

Lisa Wurth

Help prevent Alzheimer’s with reading, socializing and studying

A new study has revealed that reducing activity in certain parts of the brain while activating others can help decrease the size and number of amyloid plaques that can otherwise form Alzheim...

May 3, 2011

Lisa Wurth

Study: Dog owners 34 percent more likely to get recommended exercise

A new study conducted by Michigan State University has discovered that those who own a dog are 34 percent more likely to meet the daily federal recommendations for physical exercise. The lev...

April 25, 2011

Lisa Wurth

Exercise can help prevent sarcopenia

While sarcopenia may not be something anyone has heard of, the symptoms are easily recognizable - fatigue, a feeling of weakness and a loss of muscle strength. ...

April 19, 2011

Bay Alarm Medical

3 tips for Stress Awareness Month

April is designated as Stress Awareness Month in the U.S., which means that it's time for caregivers to reassess their personal health and try to decide how they can better manage stress lev...

April 8, 2011


Exercise may make seniors more confident, less likely to fall

Experts suggest that a fear of falling in one's home may actually increase the chance that the incident will occur....

April 4, 2011

Alan Wu

Family caregivers can help a stroke victim recover faster

When someone suffers a stroke, one of the side effects is often a loss of mobility in part of the body. ...

March 11, 2011

Alan Wu

Class focuses on keeping joints flexible in old age

Arthritis can be a painful and debilitating condition as one ages. It can also contribute to injuries such as falls....

March 9, 2011

Lisa Wurth

Doctor says a senior’s “biggest fear is falling”

Doctor William Sutton recently told NBC affiliate WECT that the biggest fear among seniors is falling. ...

March 9, 2011

Alan Wu

Reducing the chance of Alzheimer’s through healthy living

There's no sure way to cure Alzheimer's disease, but various studies have shown that there are some habits that may help one delay or mitigate the onset of the illness. ...

March 1, 2011

Lisa Wurth

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