Identify signs of a stroke

Lisa Wurth

May 3, 2011

Strokes can happen at any time, but many times victims may not know the signs. It can be very beneficial to be able to correctly identify the symptoms, especially in an emergency. While experts recommend calling 911 if one is experiencing any health condition, has provided some of the primary symptoms so one can act as quickly as possible:

1. Numbness in the face or body, especially if it only affects one side.

2. Confusion.

3. Difficulty with vision.

4. Dizziness.

5. Impaired mobility, trouble walking.

6. A painful headache.

7. Drooling

8. Trouble with speech.

9. One side of the face becomes frozen.

The New York Times reports that the highest risk factor for a stroke is having suffered one previously, so it’s especially important to protect against these events if one has already experienced the condition. Strokes are the second-leading cause of death in the country. Those who are concerned about their stroke risk may want to install a personal emergency response system at home, medical alert systems can allow users to immediately contact a call center if they suffer a health condition.

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