4 ways for older adults to strengthen their grip

Alan Wu

May 17, 2011

Hand strength is a fundamental part of everyday living, and especially important for seniors who want to remain independent because it is a key to everything from grocery shopping to maintaining a home. Experts suggest that installing medical alert systems can also be a good idea, because this device allows users to instantly send a medical alert if they need assistance.

The Wichita Eagle recently shared some tips for seniors looking to build up hand strength.

1. Use bubble wrap. Before throwing away that crackly wrap from a package, try popping all of the bubbles for a quick – and fun – way to get the fingers moving.

2. Form an O. Touch a fingertip to thumb to form an O and do this 10 times, holding each shape for a few seconds.

3. Press against a wall. Place a hand on a wall and push against it with the fingers, slowly making the digits rise.

4. Squeeze a ball. Those little red stress balls that often sit on people’s desks can come in handy (no pun intended) for these exercises as well, because the constant squeezing motion can help strengthen the hand.


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