3 tips for Stress Awareness Month


April 8, 2011

April is designated as Stress Awareness Month in the U.S., which means that it’s time for caregivers to reassess their personal health and try to decide how they can better manage stress levels. This emotion can lead to serious health conditions if it isn’t properly regulated. Here are some tips suggested by The Daily Press:

1. Don’t manage stress, manage yourself. Many people point out individual stressors in their life – from an aging parent to the workplace – and try to fix that situation by throwing money at the problem. The news source suggests that it’s better to try a more holistic approach. Try to figure out how to better deal with the issues, instead of reacting to them.

2. Install medical alert systems. While not on the list by the Daily Press, this may be no less important for caregivers suffering from stress due to their duties. Installing this device can allow seniors to immediately use a medical alarm if they need help, so families won’t have to worry about their welfare as often.

3. Mental resistance creates stress. Everything turns stressful when one thinks about it too much. “Stress is wanting ‘this,’ but having ‘that,'” the news source reports. Try to accept the state of things and carefully examine what one’s mind is resisting.

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