Foot pain should be a concern among seniors

Foot pain should be a concern among seniors

February 2, 2011

Many older adults may experience a few aches throughout the day, but a chronic pain in the foot can lead to serious problems. Approximately 87 percent of seniors suffer from this problem and it can represent a major health issue because trouble with feet may lead to an increased risk in falls.

If seniors are experiencing foot pain, it may be wise to make sure that there is a way for them to send medical alerts to doctors if there is an emergency, using medical alert systems. Installing a personal emergency response system in a home can allow users to immediately request assistance if they have fallen or suffered a health condition.

Continuing foot problems can lead to a severe lack of mobility, which could also lead to isolation. Possibly the most effective way to get this pain treated is to visit a certified podiatrist. Common causes of pain include ulcers, corns, bunions and sprains. suggests that those who want to prevent future pains in their feet should try to stay aware of age-related changes, practice good hygiene, wear comfortable shoes and be careful of going barefoot in places that may be unclean.

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