Fitness programs, medical alert system can help with health

February 14, 2011

Belinda Bagoh has changed careers many times throughout the years – she has worked for Intel, American West Airlines, and several banks, just to name a few – but her passion for fitness lasted longer than any other, so she decided to make a job out of it, according to The Tigard Times.

Bagoh founded Baby Boomer Fitness Solutions, a gym specifically designed for adults who are looking to start living healthy lifestyles in preparation for their golden years. She believes that her it’s a culmination of a lifetime of experience as an impromptu physical trainer will make this new venture successful.

“Since I was 20, friends were calling me and asking me to write up workout routines for them,” she told the news provider.

Fitness provides a number of health benefits and can increase balance, flexibility and mobility. This can be important for baby boomers who are looking to age in their own homes. Many may also want to invest in medical alert systems. These devices can act as medical alarms during an emergency, so that users can instantly get help when they need it.

Gyms are becoming a popular place for baby boomers – The Wall Street Journal reports that 10.5 million people aged 55 and over now hold health club memberships.

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