5 ways to stay young in retirement

5 ways to stay young in retirement

January 18, 2011

Sparky Hall, who is in his late 80s, recently wrote in the Times-News that baby boomers shouldn’t feel old at all – in fact, they should feel lucky that they are still so young. He advises that the best way to appreciate retirement and stay energetic is to follow a few simple steps during one’s early golden years:

1. Stay Social – Hall suggests that boomers who keep to themselves can actually speed up the aging process by staying isolated. Instead, maintain an active social life.

2. Hang Out With Younger Company – Making some friends who are younger can keep seniors connected to other demographics, which can be especially important for grandparents.

5. Install a Personal Emergency Response System – While this may not be on Hall’s list, experts suggest that installing a medical alert system in a home can keep seniors healthy by allowing them to age safely. This device can reduce the duration of hospital stays and also ensure that older adults immediately get help when they need it.

3. Join a Gym – One of the best ways to stay young is to join a fitness club and continue to exercise throughout retirement, according to Hall.

4. Keep the Mind Active – One should also make an effort to challenge his or her mental abilities every day through activities such as a crossword puzzle.

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