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5 common reasons why seniors experience falls

If you're a caregiver who's concerned about the safety of your loved one, you probably know by now that falls are the leading cause of injuries in the elderly and that 70 percent of accident...

April 24, 2012

Lisa Wurth

What kind of home modifications do seniors need?

If you're taking care of a senior relative in your home or if your loved one has chosen to stay at his or her house, there are likely some aesthetic modifications that need to be made....

April 10, 2012

Jasmine Phu

Are your loved ones safe from criminals at home?

Unfortunately, senior citizens are often targeted by criminals....

April 10, 2012

Jasmine Phu

9 fire safety tips for seniors and their caregivers

No one like to think about it, but house fires can happen for a variety of reasons....

March 28, 2012

Alan Wu

Smart beds make its way to senior homes

The newest senior-friendly device to hit the market seems to be a smart bed, which can monitor vital signs of the person on it, according to the Mercury News....

January 9, 2012


Woman teaches seniors how to avoid falls in Mineola, NY

Learning the right practices for staying mobile - and avoiding falls - is a key to healthy, independent living....

June 8, 2011

Alan Wu

A midlife crisis turns into Alzheimer’s disease

As a senior general manager at PC World, Chris McGlone was at the top of the world. But, one day, he started feeling like things were getting a little more difficult. The trend continued. ...

June 2, 2011

Jasmine Phu

Medical alarm can help with aging in place

Many older adults are looking to age in place as they grow older. This can often be a cheaper way of spending the golden years as well, because there's no need to pay the often expensive pri...

April 21, 2011

Lisa Wurth

A popular alternative to assisted living facilities

Some older adults are trying to balance their desire to live independently with living socially. This has prompted a new concept called cohousing and many of these residences support multipl...

April 15, 2011

Alan Wu

New program helps older adults keep their balance

One class that is trying to help seniors improve their balance and coordination is taking place in Ontario, New York. The key is testing how well older adults can support their own body weig...

March 18, 2011

Jasmine Phu