Emergency Alert System Review at Rossmoor Senior Community

Bay Alarm Medical Emergency Alert System Review at Rossmoor Senior Community

July 26, 2013

Bay Alarm Medical was recently invited to present our Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) at the Rossmoor Active Senior Adult Community in Walnut Creek, California.

They invited representatives from the top three medical alert providers in the Bay Area to present their products. Bryan and I, both Senior Care Consultants, along with Justin, our Lead Warehouse Technician, attended the event to represent Bay Alarm Medical.

The turnout was huge and bigger than anybody had anticipated. The entire Fireside Room was packed to the brim with seniors and family members! Rossmoor residents were eager to learn all about the importance of having a medical alarm.

A representative for Rossmoor’s Insurance Fund kicked the seminar off with a quick overview of how medical alert systems worked. She also provided three, very detailed, personal stories about the importance of having a system in place.

“These devices can save a life”, she explained. “I have a friend who’s currently in the hospital recovering from a fall while in the bathroom. She wasn’t able to reach her phone and was stuck on the tile floor for over 72 hours. Her son finally came to the rescue after 3 days of calling without a response. Had my friend had a help button, she would have been up and about after a quick checkup with her doctor. She’s now probably going to have the spend the rest of her life in assisted living”.

It was then our turn to take the stage. Bryan introduced Bay Alarm Medical to the crowd. He talked about the history behind the company and discussed how our business was formed after customers of Bay Alarm, our Home Security parent company, had been requesting it for some time.

“Our customers want a well-established, family-owned and operated company that can be trusted with their health and safety”, said Bryan. He emphasized how dedicated we are to providing our customers with reliable medical alert service at an affordable cost.

Next, Justin detailed the technical aspect our business. He reviewed the simple setup of the equipment and showed the Rossmoor residents the different medical alert systems that we have available for POTS (plain old telephone service) and digital phone service (VOIP & cable bundles). Justin then covered all the extra accessories like wall buttons, lockboxes, and long-range help buttons to widen the safety net of the customer.

Several of Rossmoor’s residents approached us after the presentation to ask questions and find out how to sign up for our system.

We happily handed out brochures and chatted with the seniors.

Our team had a wonderful time at the Rossmoor Medical Alert Seminar. We began taking orders from those in attendance at the event the very minute we arrived back at our office!

We’d like to thank all the people from Rossmoor Insurance Fund that made this event possible, as well as the residents that took the time to learn about our medical alert services. We can’t wait to do it again!


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