How a Lockbox Can Save Your Life

How a Lockbox Can Save Your Life

August 9, 2013

How a Lockbox Can Save Your Life

During an emergency, firefighters and emergency personnel may try to enter the home by any means necessary in order to provide prompt assistance. The Bay Alarm Medical team advises users to have a lockbox on the front door to prevent forced entry.

What is a lockbox?

A lockbox is a secure storage compartment that can hold one or multiple keys, and keep them secure with a unique code. Lockboxes are commonly used by real estate agents, when showcasing a home, they are placed on the front door. They can also be used by homeowners to keep spare keys, tool sheds, or other storage units.

lockbox on front door handle

Why should I use a lockbox?

Using a key lock box is important for several reasons, as it provides numerous benefits related to security, convenience, and accessibility. Here are some key points in how a lockbox can save your life:

Enhanced Home Security

A key lock box allows homeowners to store spare keys securely outside their property. Instead of hiding keys under doormats or flower pots, which are easily discoverable by potential intruders, a key lock box provides a discreet and secure location for spare keys. This prevents unauthorized access and reduces the risk of burglaries or break-ins.

Convenient Access for Authorized Users

Key lock boxes are commonly used by homeowners who need to grant access to their property to family members, friends, or service providers, such as pet sitters or maintenance workers. By storing a spare key in the lock box, authorized individuals can access the property without the need for physical key exchange, making it convenient for both homeowners and visitors.

Emergency Situations

In case of emergencies, having a key lock box can be invaluable. If someone inside the home requires immediate medical attention or assistance, emergency responders can access the property quickly with the spare key stored in the lock box. This can be especially critical if the main entry door is locked or if the homeowner is unable to open the door.

Safe Storage for Valuables

Key lock boxes are not only for spare keys but can also be used to store other valuable items, such as jewelry, small electronics, or important documents. In situations where homeowners are away for extended periods or during vacations, using a key lock box ensures that these valuables are kept secure and protected.

Versatility and Easy Installation

Key lock boxes are available in various sizes and designs, offering versatility to fit different types of keys and items. They are also relatively easy to install, with options for wall-mounted or portable lock boxes, making them accessible and suitable for various applications.

Real Estate and Property Management

Key lock boxes are commonly used in real estate and property management to facilitate property access for potential buyers, renters, or agents. They enable safe and convenient key exchange during property showings or rental arrangements.

How a Lockbox Can Save Your Life

What is the cost of forced entry?

The costs of forced entry can add up quickly as the person will then have to replace said door or window. The cost of replacing a front door can be anywhere starting from hundreds of dollars to upwards of $1000 depending on the material it’s made of. There is also the additional burden on the person that once they are taken away in an ambulance, the home is left open and thereby vulnerable to theft. Check out this door replacement cost calculator for more information on how much it can cost.

Bay Alarm Medical Lockbox

bay alarm medical lockbox

What happens during an emergency?

Lockboxes are a simple and effective remedy to the above problems that forced-home entry poses. The local emergency response agency who arrives can be provided with the lockbox code by the dispatching company (such as Bay Alarm Medical). The lockbox user will provide the code to their medical alert company who will add it to their account profile, then that information will be pulled up by dispatchers in an emergency.

Noting it’s growing importance, several local fire departments have started offering programs to inform seniors, and other individuals with health issues, about the usefulness of lockboxes. More and more public institutions are recognizing the value of lockboxes for people living alone, or who may be alone for long periods of time. Check out the San Francisco Fire Deparment’s lockbox program, and be sure to ask your local fire department for more information.

Where do I place a key lockbox?

Key lockboxes can be placed on the front door handle. The lockbox can also be hidden behind a planter box or placed on a back gate. As long as it is placed somewhere that is easy enough for emergency personnel to access. Remember, the goal is to provide fire fighters an easy way to get into the home during an emergency.

To see what a lockbox looks like be sure to visit our Accessories Page. If you would like to purchase a Lockbox please call our toll-free number at 1-877-522-9633. You may also feel free to order online.


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