Are your loved ones safe from criminals at home?

Jasmine Phu

April 10, 2012

Unfortunately, senior citizens are often targeted by criminals. People who are looking to commit crimes tend to focus on the elderly because they believe that they can easily take advantage of seniors and overpower them. That’s why it’s important to make sure you and your relatives are cautious about criminals and have safety measures in place to prevent thefts and attacks. Here are some tips to help keep your loved ones safe.

1. Encourage your relatives to appear confident and capable at all times. If they look alert, walk tall and appear to have a purpose wherever they go, criminals will be less likely to approach them.

2. Install a peephole and a deadbolt on your loved one’s front door. That way, he or she can see the person knocking or ringing the bell before opening the door and can make a decision about whether or not to let the person in.

3. Warn your relatives not to let people in who claim to be in an emergency situation. If someone comes to the door saying he or she needs to use the phone because of a car crash or injury, it’s better to call 911 for him or her rather than let the individual inside the house.

4. Make sure all the doors and windows in your relative’s home are locked. This includes back doors, upper story windows and garage doors and windows.

5. Invest in a medical alarm device from Bay Alarm. If there is ever a situation where a criminal gets access to the house or your relative is suspicious of a person near his or her property, your loved one can use the medical alert system to contact an emergency response team who can immediately help.

6. When your relative isn’t at home, turn on the radio or install automatic lights that will illuminate at a certain time. This will make the house look occupied, which may deter criminals. Outdoor lights throughout the property are also a good idea.

7. Don’t leave a key to the house underneath a doormat or in an easily accessible place outdoors. Instead, get a Bay Alarm Medical Locked Key Box. The house keys will be stored inside and you can choose a secret combination to gain access.

8. Consider installing security alarms, electronic surveillance systems or getting a dog to increase the security of your loved one’s home.

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