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Senior Loneliness: Can You Really Make a Difference?

We’re pleased to have Joe Thoron, owner of Aging Parent Rescue, here with us today. Joe is an expert in senior care and independent living and has recommended the Bay Alarm Medical Med...

October 9, 2012

Alan Wu

Is your relative unable to taste food like he or she used to?

If your relative begins to notice that foods - specifically those that are spicy, sweet or very bitter - no longer seem to taste like they once did, he or she may be losing their sense of t...

June 27, 2012

Lisa Wurth

Five ways to prevent complications from type 2 diabetes

If your relative has already received a diagnosis of diabetes, there are certain steps you can take together to ensure that he or she lives a healthy, active life. ...

June 26, 2012

Alan Wu

Five ways to make estate-planning easier on loved ones

Even if the senior in your life enjoys robust health and energy, a formal last will and testament can make the care of his or her estate much easier for you and your loved ones down the road...

June 26, 2012

Jasmine Phu

5 reasons your loved one may benefit from a medical alert

The goal of most elders in this day and age is to continue living in the homes where they raised their families....

February 24, 2012

Lisa Wurth

Check in on elderly loved ones during the holidays

Many seniors across the nation are opting to age in place rather than relocating to a senior living community or moving in with relatives. ...

December 19, 2011

Alan Wu

Give the gift of fall prevention to an elderly loved one

Falling is a real risk among the senior population. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that one in three people aged 65 or older will suffer a fall each year....

December 16, 2011

Alan Wu

More caregivers choosing to move parents in

Many seniors prefer to remain in their own homes as they age, however this may not always be possible. ...

December 2, 2011

Lisa Wurth

Caregiving still stressful after a loved one passes

Providing care for a senior loved one can be stressful. Many times people take on the extra work while still taking care of their own families and maintaining a full time job....

October 20, 2011

Alan Wu

New app may help seniors and caregivers stay on top of tasks

Technology continues to amaze, as now a new iPhone, iPad or iPod app allows caregivers to know if and when their elder loved one did what they were supposed to on their own. ...

October 5, 2011


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