More caregivers choosing to move parents in

Lisa Wurth

December 2, 2011

 More caregivers choosing to move parents inMany seniors prefer to remain in their own homes as they age, however this may not always be possible. When caregivers are unable to keep up with their responsibilities while raising families of their own, sometimes the best solution is to have the elderly relative move into the caregiver’s home, My Fox Tampa Bay reports.

With seniors living longer than generations past, more are relying on family help to get by, and for many caregivers in the sandwich generation, this means tacking on one more need to fulfill. To combat going back and forth from their parents’ homes to their own, more are choosing to move mom or dad in to make things less complicated.

This is the case for Veta and Todd Millard of Apollo Beach, Florida, who decided to move in Veta’s 76-year-old mother a few months back. Although it has required some flexibility from the family – two of their four children now must share a room – overall the family agrees it’s nice having grandma around and knowing she’s taken care of.

For families who live far away or don’t have the space to move their loved ones in, wearing a medical alert smartwatch can be the next best thing. These wearable devices allow the elderly to age in place with the security of being able to call for help in an instant.

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