Top 5 Tech for Seniors at CES 2016

Top 5 Tech for Seniors at CES 2016

January 12, 2016

CES is often recognized for its tech gadgets, usually aimed towards young and hip consumers. However, I was there scoping out the newest gadgets for the aging population, specifically those who are choosing to age in place.

While many of our parents and grandparents didn’t exactly grow up with computers, smart phones and talking watches, CES did not leave them out of the future of technology. Many of the promising gadgets I discovered at this year’s CES, assist in making life easier, tracking health and even helping relieve body pain!

These are are the top 5 tech for seniors to keep an eye on this coming year:

1. Quell


This wearable device is great for those who live with chronic pain. What’s cool is that you can wear it while you’re asleep or up and active, so you can alleviate pain when you need to. My favorite part of Quell is knowing that it is 100% drug free. People often experience side effects when taking pain medications, and the goal with Quell is to no longer go through that trouble. In fact, over 60% of users reported a reduction in their use of pain medication.

2. Mother


Do you remember that saying, “Mother knows everything”? Not only do I love the clever name, but this product is an all-in-one experience for seniors aging in place. Mother is a universal monitoring solution that is not only easy to install, but very easy to manage. This product is customizable for your aging loved one and can monitor activity, set reminders and alerts. Mother can remind you to drink more water, wake up for your yoga class, secure your home, and much more!

3. ReSound LiNX2


The evolution of hearing aids. With its second generation, ReSound users can adjust volume, setting and create other features from their smartphone or smart device. Family members might consider getting this for their elderly loved ones to help make the experience of wearing a hearing aid easier and more comfortable.

4. IndependaTV


The creators developed IndependaTV specifically for aging loved ones. For those who don’t own or a smartphone or aren’t interested, this television makes it easy to switch between their favorite shows and engaging with friends and family as well as share photos and set reminders. This is one of my favorite products because it reminds me of my grandma, who I can imagine watching her favorite shows but being even more excited to video chat with us all from the same product. It eliminates confusion and the use of another product that she would have to purchase and learn to use.

5. Genworth R70i

This was by far the most interesting experience at CES 2016, held in Las Vegas last week. The Genworth R70i was made to put people into their future selves and experience the physical changes caused typically caused by aging, such as loss of hearing and vision. Although I didn’t try it out myself, it really made me think (as I watched others) about the importance of my future long term care needs and how I wanted to age.



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