Social Security tips for new retirees

Bryan Aldrige

January 3, 2011

With many members of the baby boomer generation retiring, there is a rising demand for Social Security. However, those who are looking to collect these benefits may not know how to get started. recommends that the first step is to apply about three months before it is time to collect. A Social Security card, birth certificate, proof of U.S. citizenship and last year’s W-2 tax form are all necessary materials for this process.

Many may also be wondering how much money they will be receiving. The news source states that the benefits are based on how much money they earned during their career. Lower-income workers receive a larger percentage of their income than those who earned higher salaries.

Additionally, retirees who are already receiving Social Security for a disability will have their income automatically converted to regular retirement benefits.

Those who are planning for retirement may be interested to know that, in 2010, the average monthly benefit from Social Security was $1,172.

Properly outfitting a house for the golden years is another important step for older adults. One way to make sure that a home is age-friendly is to install a personal emergency response system – medical alert systems used to send a medical alert to doctors or family if one needs assistance.

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