Seniors working into their golden years

January 20, 2012

Seniors work into their golden yearsMany view retirement as playing a round of golf every weekend and laying by a beach during the week. However, some seniors have no desire to slow down and want to continue to work well into their golden years. According to MSN, those who are looking for a part-time job might be interested in various professions that they have not thought of yet.

Consulting or freelancing can be beneficial for seniors, as they are able to use their expertise without working full-time. Researching for business or universities is another profession to look into, as this allows a senior to contribute to something bigger. Also, there are jobs that require help only during the busiest seasons. This way it will just be a little added cash without a full commitment to a job.

Some seniors need to know when they are burning themselves out. Those who want to continue to live independently but want an extra assurance may want to purchase a medical alert system. This can allow the senior to contact emergency services in the event of a fall or injury.

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