Rehab center finds new way to prevent falls among seniors

Rehab center finds new way to prevent falls among seniors

January 14, 2011

While falls are an all-too-frequent occurrence among senior citizens, they may actually be preventable if older adults employ the right amount of caution, exercise and awareness, according to The Joplin Globe.

At the Joplin rehabilitation center in Missouri, researchers have developed a unique machine called the Biodex that may prove useful in fall prevention training. Seniors stand on a rotating disc and try to keep their weight centered, much like if they were riding a skateboard.

The Biodex has helped older adults who have recently suffered a traumatic incident get back on their feet and strengthen their balance for the future.

“[Patients] come to us not knowing what their balance is, not knowing whether they’ll fall,” Randy Alsup, the center’s administrator, told the news provider. “We put them on this machine, and lo and behold, three weeks later they’re home,”

Aside from exercising and getting fall risk assessments regularly, another way that seniors can ensure their safety while aging independently is installing personal emergency response system in their home. These medical alert systems allow users to send an instant medical alert to healthcare professionals if they require assistance.

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