Medical alert system, home healthcare can be alternative to nursing home

Alan Wu

October 11, 2010

Myron Karpij, 48, had been taking care of his mother for several years and watched her as symptoms of Alzheimer’s slowly became more and more pronounced. Eventually, he realized that the caretaking duties she required were too much for him, The Detroit Free Press reports.

Initially, he looked at nursing homes, but he realized that his mother and he would prefer that she was still able to live with him. So, instead, he looked into home healthcare services, which the news source claims is one of the fastest-growing industries in the country.

Home healthcare employees provide an extra pair of eyes to care for a loved one, and can assist older adults with day-to-day errands, minor medical problems and personal hygiene. However, they aren’t present for an entire day, so a medical alert system can supplement these duties by ensuring that seniors have a way to notify someone in the case of an emergency.

These devices can be particularly helpful to adult children who are still going to work every day and worry about parents living at home alone, and an elderly alert system can present an alternative to constant supervision, keeping older adults independent.

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