Medical Alarm Company Bay Alarm Medical Unveils “Grumpy Grandpa” Mascot

December 3, 2012

Cartoon character seeks to educate seniors and their children about medical alert systems.

Pacheco, CA (December 3, 2012) – Bay Alarm Medical (, a nationwide provider of medical alert systems for seniors, today announced their new mascot named “Grumpy Grandpa.”  Grumpy Grandpa is a cartoon character who stars in a series of videos that tell seniors and their children about medical alert systems.

Readers can watch Grumpy Grandpa’s debut video “Meet Grumpy Grandpa” on the Bay Alarm Medical blog at

“We’re happy to have Grumpy Grandpa on board,” says Alan Wu, marketing manager for Bay Alarm Medical. “He can be a bit cranky, but we’ve grown to love him.”

Wu says Bay Alarm Medical is using Grumpy Grandpa as an off-beat way to communicate a serious message.

“Information about medical alert systems can be pretty dry,” Wu says. “We’re hoping Grumpy Grandpa helps get our message across in a more engaging way.”

Wu says that Grumpy Grandpa helps illustrate the challenges adult children can face in convincing their elderly parents to wear a medical alert system.

“Most seniors wearing our medical alerts are in generally good health, and many of them live independently,” says Wu.  “We’re keenly aware that – like Grumpy Grandpa – they may not like the idea of wearing a medical alert.  They see it as a sign that they’re getting old.”

But even a healthy senior can have a bad fall.  That’s exactly what happens to Grumpy Grandpa is his debut video.

The video shows Grandpa, a fit senior who enjoys his independence, becoming irritated when his daughter asks him to wear a medical alert.  Grandpa goes on with his daily routine, until he has an unexpected fall.

“No one plans to have an accident,” says Wu.  “And when a senior falls – even a healthy senior – the risk of a broken bone or other serious injury is much higher than it is for the general population.”

Wu cites data showing that 20-30% of seniors who experience a fall will suffer injuries such as lacerations, hip fractures or head trauma.

According to one study, 62% of elderly fall victims who don’t receive help within an hour won’t be able to live independently after hospitalization. Fully 90% of seniors who aren’t helped within 6 hours will have to live in a nursing home.

“Those are alarming statistics,” says Wu.  “We may be using a cartoon character, but we have a serious point to make.”


About Bay Alarm Medical

Bay Alarm Medical is an arm of Bay Alarm, one of the nation’s oldest alarm monitoring companies.  The company offers high quality medical alert systems together with 24/7 monitoring by professionally training emergency operators who contact family members, friends, neighbors and, if necessary, local 911 emergency services.  Bay Alarm Medical’s lightweight emergency pendants can be worn around the neck, wrist or on a belt clip.  The one-touch pendants are waterproof, meaning they can be worn while bathing.

For more information, visit the company’s website at, visit their Facebook page at or call 877-522-9633.


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