Learn to make the most of a doctor's appointment

Learn to make the most of a doctor’s appointment

October 20, 2010

Many older adults enter the doctor’s office and are hesitant to ask any questions that extend beyond formalities. However, not being open with concerns can have consequences down the road.

Approximately 9 out of 10 patients have some trouble communicating and understanding information presented to them during a doctor’s appointment, according to AARP.com. This could lead to trouble in a few ways, such as a patient consuming medications or engaging in habits that could be harmful to a condition.

The news source suggests that those who are visiting a doctor and learning new instructions should repeat the steps back to the doctor, to make sure they they remember them. It’s also important to ask questions.

Having another adult present for the appointment can also be helpful for a patient, because he or she can act as an advocate and may think of things that would otherwise go unvoiced.

Be sure to bring all current medications to a visit as well, because then a doctor is sure to know how each treatment will interact with others, and also be aware of possible side effects.

Those who are looking to remain independent and age safely at home may also want to invest in a senior life alert system, which can allow older adults to instantly send out a medical alert to doctors if they require assistance.

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