Keep knees and hips intact while aging

Alan Wu

October 14, 2011

Keep knees and hips intact while agingWarding off hip or knee replacements can help a senior be able to age in place for longer. Although nearly 400,000 people have such procedures done annually, there are ways to stall or prevent them as people age, The New York Times reports.

Taking care of joints is crucial to stopping or reducing the development of arthritis. One way to keep joints safe is for people to control their weight as they age. The more a person weighs, the more pressure they put on their joints, which can lead to joint damage. When walking, each knee controls a force equivalent to six time’s a person’s weight.

In order to control weight-gain, people should first watch what they eat and begin or continue a daily workout routine. To reduce joint stress, seniors should perform low-impact physical activity such as working out in a pool, on a treadmill or even doing yoga or Pilates.

Caregivers worried that their loved one could fall due to a recent surgery or a bad case of arthritis may want to install a medical alert system into their homes. This device can be worn and gives a senior access to help should an emergency arise.

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