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Jane Fonda’s new workout for baby boomers

Topic(s) : Health and Beauty for seniors

While Jane Fonda may be best known for her intense workouts, the 72-year-old fitness instructor has released her first work-out tape in 15 years and these new exercises target baby boomers who may not be interested in strenuous, back-breaking routines, according to 

"I have credibility in the fitness arena, and nobody's targeting this demographic, and I'm the one to do it," Fonda told the news provider. "When you get older, it becomes mandatory to stay physically active because if you don't, almost every part of your physical being is going to be impacted negatively – your bones, your muscles, your heart, your lungs, your vascular system and your brain." 

The DVD, Prime Time: Creating a Great Third Act, will be released next fall. Most of the exercises focus on using light weights and a chair. A bonus feature includes steps that older adults can take to improve their balance to prevent falls. 

Exercise is one of the most effective ways to make sure that falls aren't a danger during the golden years, but older adults may want to also invest in a personal emergency response system for their safety. This device allows users to immediately send a medical alert to family, neighbors or doctors in the case of an emergency.  

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