Good eyesight crucial to seniors remaining independent

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January 4, 2012

Good eyesight crucial to seniors remaining independentSeniors’ eyesight is the gateway to their independence and their security, as having poor vision can lead to falls or other serious problems. According to AARP The Magazine, some common eye problems may be overlooked for too long, until the issue become full blown, which is why seniors need to be more careful about what and how they see.

A common indicator that it’s time to head to the ophthalmologist is if small print begins to appear fuzzy. This happens because, with age, the eye’s lens become less flexible, making it harder to change focal points from near to far. The magazine reports that a way to fix this is to get bifocal glasses, which can make the transition easier on the eyes.

Another common eye woe seniors face is difficulty driving at night, which is due to the development of an irregular curve in the cornea, leading to blurriness. This problem can be fixed with a new, stronger prescription. However, if the problem worsens, it may be time to turn over the keys to a relative. Dry eyes can also plague seniors as their eyes may no longer have the right amount of tears to fully lubricate the entire eye.

Having good eyesight is crucial for the elderly to avoid falls. If a loved one’s eyesight is slowly getting worse, it may be the right time to install a medical alert system. This device allows a senior to call for help if a fall or another emergency happens.

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