Caregiving deemed “the new normal”

Alan Wu

August 17, 2011

Caregiving has become a big trend among Americans. Just look at the sheer amount of news relating to caregivers each day. The fact is that there are more than 40 million family caregivers for adults across the country and the economic value of this unpaid care is valued at at least $450 million, according to

It may come as no surprise that this kind of situation has become normal for many Americans, according to NAPSI. The news source recommends that the first step for these individuals is to work through any denial that a senior may have about requiring a little extra assistance. This goes for baby boomers, too – acknowledging that caregiving may be a necessary aspect of the future can help families create a dependable plan for the coming years.

Thinking about a current living situation is a good idea as well. Families should ask whether a home can accommodate the changing needs of an older adult. Bathrooms can be particularly dangerous, because of the slippery surfaces, so it may be best to start renovating. Even adding something like a grab bar to the wall by the shower can do wonders for safety.

Medical alert systems could be another effective investment. These devices enable users to immediately get in touch with an emergency call center, where trained professionals can send medical responders to a home.

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