Brain games help seniors stay sharp

Alan Wu

February 8, 2012

Brain games help seniors stay sharpAccording to a recent study published in the Archives of Neurology, seniors who do puzzles, word searches or other brain stimulating games might have better memory and cognitive function as they age. It may even help ward off dementia or Alzheimer’s, though more research needs to be conducted for further evidence of this claim.

Regardless of how playing games might help them age better, most people do the activities because they’re fun. This is true in Japan where arcades are prevalent, and seniors have been becoming regular fixtures at such facilities in recent months, CNN reports.

Elders have grown to be such good customers at the Sega Corporation game arcade in the Yokohama Mall that most come each day, or at least a few times a week.

Teruo Kataokas and his wife Tsuneko, both 70, come to the arcade often and view it as a time to have fun and sharpen their minds.

“It’s fun here,” Teruo told the news outlet. “It keeps my brain vibrant.”

Tsunkeo added that in old age, life can get repetitive, but playing the games give them something to look forward to.

“We’re bored. We have nothing to do. I don’t have anything to say to my husband anymore, she told the news source. ” It’s much better to come here than just sit in the house watching TV all day. We need some excitement, too.”

Playing brain games and exercising are great ways for seniors aging in place to remain healthy. Those living alone might want to install a medical alert for extra security. Accidents can happen while exercising and having the means to call for help can offer peace of mind.

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