Boomers ill prepared for the future

Alan Wu

October 10, 2011

Boomers ill prepared for the futureMost boomers are trying hard to achieve a retirement that includes activities other than staying at their homes. To do so, more seniors are staying active by way of eating right and exercising, however, some are worried that boomers aren’t preparing for worse-case scenarios, The Sacramento Bee[1] reports.

California resident Bernardine Ford, now 67, certainly wasn’t prepared for her husband’s Parkinson’s disease diagnoses, though she was able to provide in-home care for him through home health care providers until the end. Ford was able to do so because her long-term insurance policy covered the costs, though many boomers don’t have the same luxury.

“I know people who have paid $8,000 a month out of pocket for care,” said Ford, a retired state worker told the publication. “If that’s coming out of your retirement income, a lot of people can’t afford it.”

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, more than 70 percent of all people ages 65 and older will require some form of long-term care, at home or in a facility.

To help keep loved ones aging in place safely, family members may want to install a medical alert system into their homes. The device will allow an elder family member to have access to medical personnel in an instant if they fall. This can make recovery time faster, allowing them to get home sooner.

[1]Link is no longer active.

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