Will Wearing A Medical Alert Button Make Me Look Old?

Will Wearing A Medical Alert Button Make Me Look Old?

March 7, 2017


Grumpy Grandpa, 

Last month, I tripped over my new puppy and sprained my ankle. It wasn’t a bad fall, but it really got me worried. What if it had happened at the top of the steps? I could have broken the ankle – or my neck!

My kids are trying to talk me into getting a Life Alert system, but then I’d have to wear some ugly necklace pendant or a tacky wristband all the time. I’m a retired fashion designer, and this is not the kind of jewelry I have in mind when I get dressed up for a night on the town!

I may be getting old, Grumpy Grandpa, but I don’t feel old. Still, that fall scared me because it could have been a lot worse. What do you think – bracelet or necklace?

Still A Fashionista

Dear Fashionista,

First, you need to get that puppy trained! Pets are wonderful companions for seniors and help us stay happy, healthy, and active – but pets and senior falls are a serious problem. You got lucky that time.

Second, you have the wrong idea about today’s medical alert bracelets and pendants. You’re thinking of those bracelets from the 1970’s that looked like some blocky James Bond-style gadget. People would wear them for a while, but get tired of the bracelet getting in the way, pinching the wrist during exercise, or making them look “old.” Today’s medical life alert systems aren’t like that. They have alert buttons that are smaller and more comfortable.

Anyway, it seems like everyone I meet nowadays is wearing some fitness tracker wristband, so a medical alert button bracelet fits right in with that fashion trend. The necklace buttons are even less noticeable. Why not get both? Lots of folks do that. My Bay Alarm Medical system gave me the choice of either a wristband or a necklace, but plenty of people buy an extra. That way, you can choose based on your outfit or activity.

Both medical alert buttons are lightweight, comfortable, and work up to 1,000 feet from your base station. You’re not trapped in the house on pretty days. If you spend a lot of time away from home though, think about adding a mobile GPS alert system. It uses a cellular connection and lets you call for help on the golf course, from a parking lot, or the mall.

That’s great that you don’t feel old! Remember that exercise is one of those things that helps keep us seniors healthy and active. My medical alert button means I can stay active and not worry about a fall or accident. Help is just a push button away – and it keeps my kids from pestering me and worrying about me.

Get that medical alert button, Fashionista!

Grumpy Grandpa

ps..Did you know that AARP recommends medical alert systems?



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