The SOS Smartwatch Now Offers Fall Detection

June 19, 2023

The SOS Smartwatch Now Offers Fall Detection

Medical alert smartwatches have quickly become a popular alternative to traditional wearable medical alert systems.  Many people prefer the watches’ stylish designs that look more stylish than medical. In addition, medical alert smartwatches often offer additional features like health monitoring and fitness tracking.

What most could not provide, however, was reliable

Bay Alarm Medical is proud to announce that our SOS Smartwatch– already an industry-leading medical alert watch– now offers optional fall detection powered by AI.

Fall detection is an important safety feature

Millions of older adults visit hospital emergency departments each year after being injured in a fall. According to the CDC, many of these accidents “result in long-term health consequences, including brain injuries of the loss of independence.”

Few medical alert smartwatches offer fall detection because of the possibility of false alarms. Think about how often you accidentally hit your wrist against a desktop, doorframe, or other hard surface. What if it triggered a medical alert each time?

That’s not a problem with the SOS Smartwatch.

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How the SOS Smartwatch detects falls

When the smart fall detection algorithm detects a possible fall, the SOS Smartwatch uses an intelligent, cloud-based machine learning engine to verify the information. If the result is positive – meaning, there has probably been a fall – the smartwatch asks the wearer if they’ve fallen. If necessary, the medical alert system alerts Bay Alarm Medical’s 24/7 monitoring center so that emergency personnel can be quickly dispatched.

We know that response times are critical in a medical emergency, so all of this happens in seconds.

It’s easy to add fall detection to your SOS Smartwatch

If you already have an SOS Smartwatch, there’s no need to purchase any new equipment. You can easily add this important safety feature to your monitoring plan. Just contact one of our customer support representatives at 1-877-522-9633 to add fall detection to your smartwatch.

If you’re a new customer, just include fall detection when you purchase your SOS Smartwatch.

The affordable $10 monthly fee for fall detection helps you maintain an active lifestyle and offers peace of mind. Falls can happen anywhere – at home, on a hiking trail, in a parking lot. 

The SOS Smartwatch with fall detection will summon help even if you can’t, wherever you are.

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An award-winning medical alert watch

Named one of the Best Medical Alert Watches of 2024, the SOS Smartwatch operates as a standalone medical alert device. It’s not dependent on a smartphone because it connects via a 4G cellular connection and uses GPS to pinpoint your location. The included step tracker helps you monitor fitness and activity levels.

There are no complicated setup and installation steps. The SOS Smartwatch comes pre-programmed. It’s ready to use as soon as you open the box.

Learn more about the SOS Smartwatch and other medical alert systems offered by Bay Alarm Medical. Visit our website at or contact us, toll-free at 1-877-522-9633.

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