Smart beds make its way to senior homes


January 9, 2012

New smart-beds can monitor a senior's vital signsThe newest senior-friendly device to hit the market seems to be a smart bed, which can monitor vital signs of the person on it, according to the Mercury News.

The design was created by two Apple alums, and now people will be monitored without any tubes, as the lining underneath the mattress reads a person’s vital signs. This bed not only can help seniors age safely at home but it is also being used in various senior assisted living facilities.

“We’ve prevented many falls using the device,” director of nursing at a retirement center, Agnes Toribio, told the news source. “We have some patients who move a lot even though they’re too frail to do so safely.”

This high-tech device may be the perfect addition for a senior aging in place. Another smart idea that may keep a senior happy and healthy is to purchase a medical alert system, which allows the elderly loved one to contact emergency services in the event of a fall. Falling occurs more often than many realize – one third of adults over the age of 65 fall each year, the Centers of Control and Prevention reports.

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