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Senior man loses teeth after falling on uneven sidewalk

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Five ways pets can help seniorsA Niagara Falls, Ontario, resident is looking for city officials to repair uneven sidewalks after he suffered a fall while walking his dog, The Niagara Falls Review reports.

Fred Rieser, 79, had been out walking his dog back in August when he tripped on an uneven sidewalk near his home. He told the source he fell head-first, hitting his face on the sidewalk – which resulted in him losing multiple teeth.

"This is not easy when you are an old guy like me," Rieser told the publication. "I was bleeding so bad, I was in shock and the neighbor had to walk me home."

Aside from the mouth injury, Reiser also suffered pain in his chest, hands, wrist, shoulders, arms and back. He added that he is concerned for fellow residents, that if it happened to him it could happen to others, and he is urging local government to fix the sidewalks by filing a lawsuit against the city.

Falls occur more often with seniors and many times they tumble in their homes, with no means of calling for help. One way to provide a loved one living alone with added safety is to install a medical alert system in their house. This device gives seniors the freedom to age in place, with the security of having access to help, 24/7.

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