Senior Dating: You’re Never Too Old To Find Love

February 25, 2019

Valentine’s Day is a touchy subject for singles of all ages. It seems like the whole world is in love – everyone except you. That’s particularly true for single seniors. Many widowed or divorced seniors haven’t dated in decades, and the bewildering array of dating apps, uncertainty about modern relationships expectations, and lack of self-confidence keep many feeling lonely and isolated.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  Many seniors have found happiness in new relationships or rekindled old flames years after they thought the fire was out.  You can too!

Love Lost, Then Found

It seems that almost every week the news carries a heartwarming story about seniors reconnecting with lost loves, marrying, and (hopefully) living happily ever after.  According to Psychology Today, “rekindled romances” are surprisingly successful.

How to explain the endurance of rekindled first love? “Many of the couples grew up together or shared friends and values,” says Kalish. Whether they were from the same hometown or met in college, “they spent formative years together and became each other’s standard for all romances since.”

Social media has made it easier than ever to reconnect with old friends and old loves, but be careful about the latter if you’re still in a committed relationship.  One researcher who studied “lost love” reunions found that 62% involved extramarital affairs.

What to Expect When You Start Dating Again

In 2016, the US had almost 20 million unmarried seniors, 17.7% of the total unmarried population.  They increasingly find companionship with dating apps.  In 2016, a Pew Research study found that the number of seniors using dating apps increased from 8% to 13% in just two years. It’s now so popular that seniors can enroll in classes to teach them how online dating works and the etiquette surrounding it.

Things to keep in mind when you decide to jump into the dating pool:

  • You’re going to be nervous. Nobody ever outgrows first-date nerves!
  • Not everyone is looking for marriage. Seniors have a number of family and financial entanglements that can make marriage problematic. The number of cohabiting adults increased 75% in the past decade.
  • Your family may be horrified. Grown children may be jealous, worried about their inheritance, or concerned about your safety – or all three. This article has tips to help you introduce a new “friend” to your family.
  • Safety first! Social media and dating apps make it way too easy to “catfish,” or pretend to be someone else. This article explains how to use public records searches and other online tools to check out a prospective significant other. One benefit of a discreet medical alert bracelet or necklace is the ability to call for help if you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation.
  • STDs are epidemic. Yes, it can happen to you! STD rates are rising among seniors faster than the general population.

Plenty of Online Senor Dating Services & Apps

Ready to give dating a try? Here are some of the most popular senior-specific dating apps.

  • Our Time: Membership is for people 50+ only. Cost ranges from free to paid plans that offer additional services.  GLBT-friendly.
  • Senior Match: Membership is for people 50+ only. Free membership and paid plans. GLBT-friendly.
  • Silver Singles: Membership is for people 50+ only, and the site bills itself as the choice for “people looking for serious relationships.” Free membership and paid plans. GLBT-friendly.
  • Niche dating sites: Some dating services have a narrower focus:  geography, hobbies, religion, etc.

Even if you don’t find the love of your life, you can meet new friends and socialize more.  Strong social relationships help keep you healthier and happier.

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