Seminar to prevent senior falls

Seminar to prevent senior falls

September 14, 2011

For many seniors living on their own, such chores as taking out the trash or getting the mail can be terrifying as the risk of seniors falling is substantial – one in three seniors over 65 fall each year, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

To combat the problem, the Bay Harbor Library and the Winthrop University Hospital will be presenting a Fall Prevention Program to aid local seniors on ways to avoid losing control, the Massapequa Patch reports.

Grace Rowan, RN, will be on hand to teach seniors how to perform balance and strength training exercises. Rowan also suggests that seniors get their eyes and ears checked annually as both are crucial to maintaining proper balance. Senior swill also be educated on the types of medicines that can cause dizziness or imbalance.

According to the news source, the most common misconception among older adults is that seniors need to sit down more as they age, though Rowan said it’s quite the contrary.

“Many people feel they are older so they sit more,” Rowan told the news outlet. “You’ve got to move or you are going to be in trouble. You don’t have to jog or do jumping jacks but you need to do things that will improve your balance, simple exercises that will help.”

Those who are still worried about their risk of falling may want to install a medical alert system that can be worn around the neck and can bring emergency personnel to their aid with the push of a button.

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