Personal Emergency Response Systems – Call For Help Safely & Discreetly In Any Situation

Larisa Thomason

February 28, 2018

When there’s a crisis, every second counts. At Bay Alarm Medical, we know that not all emergencies are medical emergencies. Personal emergency response systems (PERS) are effective ways to call for help during a home invasion, after a car accident, or during any situation where you feel threatened and need to discreetly contact first responders.

Personal Emergency Response Systems Offer Peace of Mind

Unfortunately, people sometimes get  caught in dangerous circumstances at home, business, or even in school.  Bay Alarm’s personal emergency response system gives wearers immediate access to our trained operators who can contact first responders and relay information about the situation.  Use one to call for help in any situation where you feel threatened by crime or violence.

But why not just use a regular phone or cell phone?

Sure, offices have phones everywhere, and about 95% of Americans own some sort of cell phone. However, in a crisis situation, people may not have access to desks, purses, coat pockets, or a cell phone left on a table. If you feel threatened, it’s much easier to discreetly press an emergency alert button that you’re wearing than to use a cell phone out in the open.

How BAM’s Personal Emergency Response Buttons Work

These discreet, affordable buttons operate just like our home medical alert systems. It’s the same tested, reliable technology used to keep seniors safe and independent at home. The  same technology used to call for help in a medical emergency can also protect people caught in other dangerous situations.

Here’s why our systems stand out:

  • Call for help from anywhere, anytime: Our GPS system works from anywhere you have a cell phone connection. Unlike a cell phone however, the BAM GPS system has both monitoring and tracking. Operators know your exact location and can dispatch first responders to the right place.
  • Long battery life: The GPS mobile help button lasts 72 hours on a charge. When you need help, the system will respond.
  • Discreet: It seems like everyone now is wearing a fitness tracker, so nobody is likely to look twice at a PERS necklace.

We hope that you never have to use our products to call for help in a dangerous medical or violent situation. However, Bay Alarm Medical is proud to offer a product that does double duty. We can help you call for assistance in perilous situations where your personal health and safety is at risk.

Learn more about our personal emergency response systems. We’ll help you design the system that best fits your needs and budget. Contact us to start a live chat with customer support team or call 1-877-522-9633

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